Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Many prayers and well wishes for you who deem to read my humble blog!to Happy days ahead for sure!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heres my sister (excuse me) my younger sister Carri on my 53rd birthday which happens to be today:) She gave me the prettiest Angel that changes colors it is so pretty that she wanted to take it back! Of course I still have it!! heehee

Here is the massive yarn that I purchased with my Christmas money from Joanns and Micheals:) I decided that I made so many afghans for others I should make one for my self(:P

These are the beginning motifs of the Hex Afghan so far so good! You can see in the corner of the pic that I bought a brand new ice cream scooper for myslef with a 50% off coupon from Micheals isnt it cute? Its red like everything else in my kitchen!Heres a taste of whats to come with the Hex afghan I figure I can make 10 every evening that gets me closer to the 159 I need for the whole afghan! I got the idea from ttp:// If you get a chance go check out her site, I love her crochet!
OK last night I awoke with a headache around 3 in the morning just when hubby was coming home from work( hes working graveyard) He presented me with these lovely very pink roses. Arnt they the prettiest roses you ever did see for December? What a doll he is to think of me.
Ok like I said its my 53rd birthday today and I had a wonderful birthday. I had all my lovely friends calling me all day to wish me a wonderful day and promises of a later lunch in the month to come. But today I went out with my friend Karen and Terry to the Claim Jumpers. I had Jamaicen (sp?) Sweetpotate and I came home with their awesome bread pudding for later tonight! Oh what a meal!
Im going in on the 15th for an adjustment to get me back on track for my weight loss. Im down 56 ounds so far and would like to drop another 50 before my anniversary of my surgery which is June 2nd. Say some prayers for me and know Im sending them back to you all!
Ok I should get back to my crocheting so tata for now!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Terry and me in Sedona a few years back. Arnt we cute we didnt even break the swing!

pimp myspace profile

pimp myspace profile

This is Terry's 55th birthday today:) Please say a little or even a big prayer for him. He is now entering being a senior citizen:) heehee

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hangin on days:)

As you can see the black little pound puppy has made him self right at home here in our house. He thinks we made it for him!

You can see I like taking close up pics of Fifi but she doesnt mind she actually likes her pic takin.
I dont have a really good pic of Max but Ill get one and add a few of him in here maybe next week Heres a few pics of my babies just layin around the house doin nothin:)

I lost my big screen TV to the neverlands last Tuesday and the repair guys cant get to it till this Tuesday so I have no TV. I did go out thinking I would buy one but man are they expensive I could not even find a little one to buy that wasnt 400.00 I cant see owning 2 tvs since I only watch one. I dont like tvs in my bedroom because thats where I read not watch tv:> heehee
Ive been listening to the local Christian radio and I really like the holiday music they have been playing. Terry gets tired of it so I change over to AOL Radio and play oldie CHRISTmas music ever so often:)
IM in the middle of crocheting little goodie sachet dresses for my few relatives that like those kinda things they need sachet balls to put in them so I need to run out and find some. DO you know where I can find them at? I looked on JoAnns site and then Micheals but they didnt have any there so Im going to venture out to the local mall and see if I can locate some.
Ok Happy days see ya soon ...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy days in Vegas!!

These are some of the sites I saw while I was driving along the highway
I know I should have not been taking pics while driving but I couldnt resist it!
This highway 15 runs along the strip and these are some of the sites where you couldnt see the hotels and casinos
I couldnt believe that there was hardly any cars on the streets
Now you can see what it looks like here in Vegas the desert when it snows:)

Well Ive been busy making some last minute CHRISTmas gifts and Im having a blast at it! I really enjoy this time of that is! Im thinking of putting up my CHRISTmas tree anyways because I miss it so much. And I have no where to put my wrapped gifts.
Ok Ill see you all in a few days, Did you notice I have another follower I cant believe that people actually read my blog but oh well I hope Im interesting! heehee Merry CHRISTmas! Happy crocheting!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas fun

We had the most fun delivering the lapghans and shawls to the home yesterday. Karen and I met at around 1:30 or so and we got to deliver each item to each person what fun. Some of the people didnt want to take anything because they thought they had to buy it. But we had enough items with some left over. Next year if I do this again I will start in April and make only lapghans and shawls because they really didnt need the totes. Hers a few pics so you can see what we delivered.
Dani Im sorry but I made each lapghan differant from each other but I did make one the same except I changed the colors to make them all seem different Ill take some time soon and write out the pattern so you can all make some and they are really quick and fun to make.
I wanted to let you know that I got the idea of this charity from my church here in Vegas and one of the ladies Elaine had this ministry to the home and it just all coame togehter.
Ok Im finally off to make Christmas gifts for some family members:) WOW I love to crochet!

This is a very sweet lady who loved the colors of her lapghan.
Heres two of the ladies in the home. One wanted a lapghan and the other wanted a shawl. Dont they look pretty?
This is the office mangager Betty, me and Karen
This is Glenda if I remember her name right, She loved her lapghan, she told me she used to crochet alot when she was younger. She was naming all the stiches in the lapghan. Isnt she precious?
Heres Karen in the front of the tree with the boxes of goodies.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ok here I go...

Another pic of the lapghans
I cant figure out how to turn this pic right so here it is anyway... many of the lapghans
This is one of the many totes I made

Well I almost finished. I made 20 lapghans and 25 shawls with Karens help and 25 totes. Someone else made 5 other lapghans and I never received them so Im short 5 lapghans. But we made it here are some pics of you to enjoy.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

WOw I thought I was done

I got a call today from Elaine the one connected to the home Im making all the lapghans and shawls for. And she wants to deliver them all on Friday of this week! I thought I only had to make one more lapghan and then I counted again and then again and came up with one short so Im going to try and get another one made asap.
I also went to the doctor today about this nasty cough I have been having and he gave me a bunch of meds and told me not to leave the house for a week! So now I have another excuse to make another lapghan:) heehee haw haw Like I need an excuse.
Well as soon as I finish the last lapghan and Karen brings over her last shawl Ill take pics so you can see them all. Oh yea I also made the little totes as well. I cant forget those little cuties.
My sister Carri reminded me today that she is expecting her house slippers that she put an order in aways back ago. I think I can work those up hopefully by her birthday which is on the 23rd.
I just wanted to let you all know that Larry is home from the hospital and all your prayers are working so keep up the great work fellow saints. DOnt forget to say a few prayers for Susan and Vann too while I know your at it!
Ok I need to get off of here and get to bed so I can get up early to go get the last of the yarn I will need. Oh happy day...

Update: My very good friend Carol is in the hospital having difficulty breathing please pray for her.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

People, People, People,
Im alive really I am. Ive been down with this nasty bug and I havent barely started packing. I can homestly tell you I have 6 boxes packed:) Thats the beginning thats for sure, Pray for us we are all still really sick and I need my strengnth to get through all of this.
Im still working on the lapghans and Im really almost finished if it was not for Karen helping me I know I would not have finshed all of these items. THANKS Karen!
I havent even started my Christmas gifts I dont think Ill be able to make what I wanted to make this year Ill just have to save it for next year.
I have some prayer requests to ask you to pray for they are Larry and Diane and Susan and Vann. Please pray that God stays with them and lifts them up in their time of need.
Ok Im off of here now to get some much needed rest. IM in the middle of rereading the Left Behind series and I cant wait to get back to it. Tata for now my sweet friends...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thaksgiving my Friends

Wow I slept most of this day away. I do pray you all have a full belly and that your nice and warm in your comfy home. Terry went and picked up dinner from Marie Callenders and I didnt know it but I had to cook the turkey breast for 2 hours before we could eat it. And I had to cook most of the food I thought all I would have to do was take it out of the box and heat it up not cook it! Terry ended up eating the rest of my roast I cooked the other day and he loved it said we should have a roast for dinner next Thanksgiving. So maybe Ill just do that next year.
Im still working on my aghans I have only ten more to make then Im done.
OK have a very happy Thanksgiving chat with you later...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Susan and Van

TO all who may happen by here... Can you send a little or two or three prayers up toward God to hear for Van and Susan? They are in the midst of a big medical issue and they are asking for prayers. And I just know you will all do that for me for sure:) You can read more about Van over on Susans site . I know they would love it if you sent them a little prayer their way.
Im doing great Ive been working (Crocheting) on my lapghans I need 10 more lapghans then Im done. Did I tell you last week about a very sweet lady named Debra called me and offered a small collection of patterns and some yarn that belong to her dear momma. Her mom was an avid doily maker and she would do charity work too! She passed a few months ago at 88 years old and Debra did not know what to do with her moms vast collection of patterns and some yarn too. Of course I said ...Sure I"ll take it:)I love all the doily patterns. Makes me want to start one right now but of course Ive got to finish my lapghans before starting a doily. But I plan next year to start on a new project maybe some filet will do me good!
IM also collecting boxes so I can box up all my little goodies in my home. Ive started with the library ( yes this house has a library) Im going to miss it, thats for sure, so Im trying to weed out books but I just dont want to give any up. Ive started rereading my books. Im in the middle of the Left Behind Series. I love my books! If you know of a goods read let me know Im always game.
Ok have a great night I need to get back to my crocheting...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayers needed

Ok my Friends,
I need all my praying friends to pray that we can sell our house fairly quick. I know God can do this I just want Him to do it fairly quick:) He guides my steps and I want to be in line with what He wants I really belive this is one of those things I am being directed to do. I think He wants Terry and I lined up for rough days ahead. SO He is saying down size and unload what I just dont need anymore.
Karen and I a really crocheting along with the Christmas project we are working on. She wants to go and give out the shawls and lapghans so I need to find out if we can go along to do that. What an exciting year this is going to be.
I want you all to know I love you all and Im so happy you come to my little blog to see what Im involved in these days.
Oh happy day, tata for now...
Heres alittle something for you all a Chocolate glazed donut to much on. Im down another 5 pounds Yippee Its still coming off.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Im here

Friends, Ive been busy with my crocheting for the convelesent home, Im almost done. I need 10 more lapghans and then Im finished. My friend Karen is bringing up the shawls from the rear:) heehee Shes doing fantastic. Keep up the great work Karen!
Im in the midst of trying to obtain boxes for moving. We found out tonight that the renter will be out sometime in mid December so we will be moving as soon as they are out. We need to pick paint colors and carpet and linolium. I want to get this right so I dont have to do it again really soon. Im trying to decide how to decorate I feel like this will be almost my last try at decorating this old house. I thought about country but my furnishings is more modern and antiques mixed. I may try contemporary. I have figured out I want Roosters for my kitchen I love roosters. I already decorate in red and black here so I thought I would add roosters in the mix:)
Im going to take before pics so you all can see what Ill be up to as soon as we can get in there. Im waiting for the gas company to call to see if we can go gas in the house its all electric right now. But where we live right now is mostly gas and I love it. So say a little prayer that they can convert the house to gas.
Ok Ill be back as soon as I can get a break...Dani summoned me back from the crocheting world by asking were Ive been hiding. Ill be back...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ive been busy as well today. Im crocheting away I am over half way done with the Convelesent homes items for Christmas:)
I went on Craigs list and found some yarn to buy. Im really excited about it all. There is alittle over 200 skeins of yarn Im thrilled. She is asking 200.00 for the lot. Im going to check it out tomorrow.
We have a new president and Im praying that it all goes well. The Lord is in control so Im happy.
The weather here has been awesome. Its just now starting to get chilly. I love the fall its so cool and crisp.
Everyone around here is working so I decided to order Thanksgiving dinner from Marie Callender. Terry found out that he has to be a work around 3 that day so its just going to be him and I for dinner. And I dont have to do any cooking. Thats going to be weird thats for sure.
Im starting to collect boxes for the move. Abbea says she has a bunch I want to get started packing so Ill be ready for it when it comes.
God has been so good to me and I praise Him for it all. Thanks.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ok Im back to my old self:) Ive wrapped my head around moving back to the old neighborhood. I really dont want to but to prepare our way to the future its a must do issue. The house has been rented for over 15 years and I just cant imagine what it looks like now, since I have not been in it for over 5 years. I just know the people renting it now hoard things, all kinds of things! I just pray they take it all with them when they move out:)
I have all kinds of plans for the house once I get in there tho. I hope I can deal with all the mess till then. I have to start collecting boxes now so I will have them ready when I need them.
I want to thank you all for praying for me... I felt the prayers for sure! God will bless me in this new adventure He always does!
IM continuing crocheting for the charity I chose this year. I have 2 other ladies helping me out so its coming along I think I will make the deadline Dec.15.
Ok have a great day and dont forget to go VOTE please.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh what a day today will be ...

Heres a pic of my towel holders Ive been making I thought you might like to see them up close
This is showing the towel holder open

I cant inmagine what your day is like but boy oh boy do I have a day to do nothing:) heehee kidding, I have lots of crocheting to do and Im having fun doing it all. I retaught a friend of mine , Karen you know who you are, to vcrochet because I was afraid I wouldnt get done with my charity crochet for this year, you all know about my little charity to the convelescent home this year. Well Im (we)are half way there! Yipee!! I love completing a project I hope to be finished by Thanksgiving so I can crochet my gifts for Christmas. Im broke this year but have plenty of love to give out. I think we are all watching our pennies this year and maybe more to come,
Ok Ive chatted enough about my lot in life Im just happy Jesus is with me to keep me on my right and narrow way:)
Im adding a pic of a few things Ive been crocheting just so you wouldnt get bored with my typing:) Im also in the need to make some more Chemo caps, one day I wont have to make them for chemo reasons, just for fun. Ok lets have today and enjoy our family and friends....

I was playing around with the magic square and thought you might like to see one in progress

Heres the square in double crochet instead of the usual single crochet stitch. It works the same no matter what stitch you want to use. Its really easy I chained maybe 41 stitches then single crocheted in the second stitch from the hook and single crocheted across. You should have 40 sc stitches then single crochet into the back loop of the first stitch and continue till the end and then continue all the way around keep doing this till you have maybe 20 rows and you should have a completed magic square you will notice the sides will fall in on you, just sew up the seam with maybe a blind stitch and walla a hotpad! If this doesnt make sence to you just ask and Ill try and explain better:) HGappy crocheting..

Thursday, October 09, 2008

wedding party

Heres Abbea and Isabella is there dresses
Heres all the girls getting ready for the big tada
THese ar e the basket and pillow I made for the wedding

Monday, October 06, 2008

Yipee Contest

Here it is as promised My Yipee Contest:) I promised a little get together contest from when AOL closes there back on all of us journals in the Hometown section. They are shutting us down on Oct. 31, 2008 so my contest will end on that date, Ok heres the rules:
All you have to do is leave a comment here on this entry to be entered. All I would like to know is how you came to know me here on my site, You know, what brought you here, how long have you known about me/my site. Thats it, just a little comment and then I will put your name in the contest jar and will choose somebody on Oct 31st.
Ok I didnt know what exactly you all might like to win so I chose my towel holders and a washcloth to match. I hope you like them they are really cute to have hanging off of your stove or fridge. Heres the pic I took:

Oh yea if you would like become a follower of my site by clicking on the follower button:) That will let me know whos a following little old me!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Aol Journals

Friends I have sad news Aol has suspended their Aol Journals starting October 31st. I want to welcome all who may find me here on eBlogger and to welcome you to my site.
In making this my only site for journaling Im going to have a little Welcome contest to all who visit me here. Starting Oct 6th Im going to take a pic of one of my crocheted items and I hope you like it. So look for my little contest on Oct 6th.
IM still busy crocheting for the convalescent home I have 6 shawls and 5 lapghans finished. I much more to go. Ok have a great day tata for now...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

tada my newest girlfriend!

Meet the newest member of our family her name is Bella. She is a dauchsund/corgi mix she is around we think 9 or 10 months old. We happened apon her at the local animal shelter and she was one day away from being put down. She is fantastic! She loves her new home and she gets along with my other babies. Max was a little leery at first but now he loves her too. Fifi just goes on keepin on:)
We went out for a ride and happened apon Petsmart and they had their dogs out for adoption from the pound and we looked but did not find what we were looking for. So we took the ride over to the local animal shelter and we found a really pretty girl boxer/pitbull mix and we went back everyday till Wednesday and then she was gone to a new home. Then we found our little Bella and we just loved her on site. I was wanting a corgi like Alicia has on her site But I could not pass up this little Bella girl no matter what once they told me they were going to put her down the next day. I cant believe how God has blessed me with her. Shes a perfect fit in our family.
I have much to tell you all that has happened to me this past week and I will post more tomorrow stay tuned...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weddings news

Ive been busy with my daughter Abbea's wedding coming up Oct 5th. Ive been running round getting everything pulled together:) I have exciting news about whats been up around here. So stay tuned and Ill bring it all to you:) Oh happy day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Heres my sweet little no more granddaughter on her 12th birthday. I bought her her first American Girl doll its the Samantha doll.She has always wanted this doll. I promised her that when she was old enough that I would get it for her. She sleeps every night with her so far.
She had a wonderful party it was at a local pizza hangout. There was lots of friends and family to help celebrate.
Im still working on the shawls and lapghans and Im in fear that I wont get them all done in time for the holidays. There not due till December but I can only get one lapghan and one shawl done per week I need to get faster or something. My daughter Abbea is making the walker totes and she is a beginning croheter. My friend Karen says she will try and learn to crochet so she can help. I do pray we can get them all done I need 75 items.
Ok go crochet my Friends and please say a little prayer for Donna she is ending her time here on earth with us and she needs prayers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I forgot to let you all on a fantastic little jewel of a yarn, And that would be Dees 60 scarves in 60 days Challenge. Come one come all to the party! Im going to try and get a least 3 scarves done with all that Im doing maybe more. Last year I think I made 6. This year I have a program to give them to. And that would be the Homeless Chapter at our little church. They gather warm clothing in the months of September and October and into November for the homeless in Vegas. So here I am again along with Dee crocheting scarves.

Dee asked me a question about the Chemo Caps Ive been making with her pattern, you can find the free pattern on her site over at CrochetWithDee , Dee you mentioned a while back that used Marlene from Mondial for your hats so thats what I use. I get the now discountinued yarn off of Ebay. I bought about 100.00 worth last year for my sisters caps and she loved them I think Ill post a pick of her favorite, she wore all the time.

I just bought some more of the yarn from a Ebayer she says she has alot left if your interested. My sister liked her hat because I didnt make it too long and it was so soft.

Ok thats enough from me have a happy crochet day!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I cant believe Ive been away for so long. Ive been working on the lapghans and shawls for the home. I have been able to figure out I can make one shawl in 2 days and 1 lapghan in 3 to 4 days. Now I need to get busy because I need many more. I love using varigated yarn for the shawls they only use 2 skeins to make 1 shawl. Im adding a couple pics of the shawls and Im adding a few others of my lapghans out of granny squares. Oh yea Im using Red Heart Super Saver yarn for thses items. Im having the best time coming up with trim ideas.
I made a couple caps for Cora I hope she likes them. I used pattern for Chemo Caps. I love that pattern it is so easy and looks great. You can find the pattern on her site for free. I forgot to take a pic maybe Cora will send me a pic with her wearing one of them. hint hint!
Ok Im in the process of watching a marathon of NCIS. It helps with crocheting I love that show! I can wait for the new season to start.
Ok Im dont chatting with you all. Have a great day! tata

Monday, August 25, 2008

Shawl started

Ive started making shawls for the convalescent home and they are going pretty fast. jI had to come up with my own pattern because I could not find one I liked. So I started my own. Its pretty simple and I am probably not the first to make it for sure.
the pattern: crochet 5ch, sl st to form circle,
row 1) 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in circle, turn
row 2) ch 3, 2dc in base of ch3, ch 1, 3dc, ch2, 3dc in ch 2 space, ch1, 3dc in top of ch3 on previous row, turn
row 3) ch 3, 2dc in base of ch3, ch1, 3dc in ch1 space, ch1, 3dc, ch2, 3dc in ch2 space, ch1, 3dc in ch1 space, 3dc in top of ch3 from previous row,turn
row 4 to 26?) continue on with the prvious row as a pattern and this will continue grow. I made mine to 26 rows, I did adda border but I need to write out the instructions for you all.
I hope you understand this pattern if not dont be afraid to ask me any questions that need to be asked.
Ok happy crocheting!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Faraway am I

You will not believe it but I just erased my whole page of info I had typed up on my blog. So here I go again.
Ive been busy making the items for my holiday charity as I mentioned in other writings. Im making walker totes and Im having the best time making them all differant and some are for women and some are made for men. Im having the best time playing with them all. I have 11 made so far I think I need 40 or more. Im glad I started early.
I just recieved some great inspirational books for crochet they are Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper, Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson and one I really love is Beyond the square Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman. Ive made several squares from her book I love it so much fun crocheting.
If you want a fun blog to check out go over to CrochetwithDees childrens blog Their dad posted a pic he took with his cell phone that is just awesome. I love reading about their corn growth. Check it out its great fun.
Well you can see I still dont have a port for my camera so I can download pics or even use my printer. I have tons of items to print too. I just have to give up my computer for a few days so I can get it fixed.
Ok Im back to crocheting have a wonderful day

Sunday, August 03, 2008

crocheting away as usual

Ive started my Christmas charity crocheting this past week. Ive decided to crochet 80 senior items for a convelstants home that is with my friend at church. Im trying to make walker totes and maybe some shawls and a few lapghans. Im hoping I can get others interested in this project too. If anyone is interested in making a few items I can sure use the help. Email me if you want to help. I know the seniors would really be happy to get something this Christmas.
YOu all know that my sister Jerri past away last December. Well she has been on my mind alot lately. I miss her and my oldest sister Terri as well. I think Im just kinda down about them not being here when I want to chat with them.
Say a few weeks back I was so dissappointed in someone who said they were in love but just was not showing it. Well everything is going good as of today. I just pray it will continue to be ok. THanks for all my friends who emailed me and sent wellwishes to me.
My computer is broken. well actually the part so I can upload pictures and print items. So tommorrow Im taking the hard drive down to get it fixed.
Im still working on my surprise pattern a little hint is that is a filet item made with yarn. As soon as I get my computer fixed Ill take a pic so you can get an idea.
Maybe you can help me out I have totally reworked a pattern I say in a magazine. Can I still post the new pattern? I was thinking of posting the pattern here on my site but I dont want to take away from the original designer. It looks a little like hers but all new. I dont know if I should or shouldnt. HELP!!
Ok Im off to work my little crochet fingers off. Have a great day!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Im forever leaving behind me

Ive been busy as of late. I have high hopes of crocheting for 75 to 80 elderly people in a nursing home here in Vegas. I do hope I can make it happen. Im making lapghans, wheelchair totes, shawls and anything else I can think of that they could use. If anyone would like to help out feel free to send along what you can to Sherri McLaughlin at 3216 Mason Ave in Las Vegas Nevada 89102. Im taking anything I can get my hands on for these sweet folks for Christmas. Thats my goal.
Now for my weight issues. Im doing good I do need an adjustment again because I do get hungry ever so often. I went to my very first support group meeting here in Vegas. It was truely helpful to meet with like minded peoples. You know what I mean? I know why I get hiccups after eating some meals (because Im eating to fast) even tho I chew the items the best I can at least 25 chews. But some things I eat cant be chewed that amny times but I try, I just need to slow down. I also learned that I gained all this weight on in a season or two so it will take a season of two to get rid of it all. Im down 28 pounds and that seems to be right on track with others Ive talked too. Tho men do seem to loose the weight alot faster than we women do,bummer but fact! One of my problems is finding what I can eat that I like to fill me up with only getting 4 ounces of food per meal. But Im doing ok. Let me know if any of you are going through the same thing and let me know your blog if your blogging about it:) Id love to hear from others.
I woud leave some photos but my port where to hook up at on my computer is broken( I think my grandkids had something to do with that issue) Im taking my computer down sometime this week if I can bear doing without it:) heehee
Ok Im crocheting little items for my Christmas gifts and Im hoping to start the items for the home in August and make as many items as I can by Christmas. Heres to hooks a flying!