Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas fun

We had the most fun delivering the lapghans and shawls to the home yesterday. Karen and I met at around 1:30 or so and we got to deliver each item to each person what fun. Some of the people didnt want to take anything because they thought they had to buy it. But we had enough items with some left over. Next year if I do this again I will start in April and make only lapghans and shawls because they really didnt need the totes. Hers a few pics so you can see what we delivered.
Dani Im sorry but I made each lapghan differant from each other but I did make one the same except I changed the colors to make them all seem different Ill take some time soon and write out the pattern so you can all make some and they are really quick and fun to make.
I wanted to let you know that I got the idea of this charity from my church here in Vegas and one of the ladies Elaine had this ministry to the home and it just all coame togehter.
Ok Im finally off to make Christmas gifts for some family members:) WOW I love to crochet!

This is a very sweet lady who loved the colors of her lapghan.
Heres two of the ladies in the home. One wanted a lapghan and the other wanted a shawl. Dont they look pretty?
This is the office mangager Betty, me and Karen
This is Glenda if I remember her name right, She loved her lapghan, she told me she used to crochet alot when she was younger. She was naming all the stiches in the lapghan. Isnt she precious?
Heres Karen in the front of the tree with the boxes of goodies.
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