Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heres my sister (excuse me) my younger sister Carri on my 53rd birthday which happens to be today:) She gave me the prettiest Angel that changes colors it is so pretty that she wanted to take it back! Of course I still have it!! heehee

Here is the massive yarn that I purchased with my Christmas money from Joanns and Micheals:) I decided that I made so many afghans for others I should make one for my self(:P

These are the beginning motifs of the Hex Afghan so far so good! You can see in the corner of the pic that I bought a brand new ice cream scooper for myslef with a 50% off coupon from Micheals isnt it cute? Its red like everything else in my kitchen!Heres a taste of whats to come with the Hex afghan I figure I can make 10 every evening that gets me closer to the 159 I need for the whole afghan! I got the idea from ttp://attic24.typepad.com/ If you get a chance go check out her site, I love her crochet!
OK last night I awoke with a headache around 3 in the morning just when hubby was coming home from work( hes working graveyard) He presented me with these lovely very pink roses. Arnt they the prettiest roses you ever did see for December? What a doll he is to think of me.
Ok like I said its my 53rd birthday today and I had a wonderful birthday. I had all my lovely friends calling me all day to wish me a wonderful day and promises of a later lunch in the month to come. But today I went out with my friend Karen and Terry to the Claim Jumpers. I had Jamaicen (sp?) Sweetpotate and I came home with their awesome bread pudding for later tonight! Oh what a meal!
Im going in on the 15th for an adjustment to get me back on track for my weight loss. Im down 56 ounds so far and would like to drop another 50 before my anniversary of my surgery which is June 2nd. Say some prayers for me and know Im sending them back to you all!
Ok I should get back to my crocheting so tata for now!
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