Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Montana Trip

  WOW Ive been gone awhile I havent I? Well I did go on that month long trip with my friend Karen and we had a blast! I took my little pound puppy Bella along because she was having such a hard time here at home with Max. She loved it too!
  When we go to the camp ground at Hungry Horse, Montana there was a nice grassy meadow behind our camp and we were able to let Bella and Karens MJ off their leashes and they had a blast, Bella had her nose to the ground the whole time. She discovered grass hoppers and she love chasing them. I loved watching her have so much fun. When we arrived home she was so let down she was sad for a few days. Now she is back to her old self.
  Terry showed up on the 10th day of trip.We had rain the whole time till he arrived and then there was sun shine all day long after he showed up. He had a blast too. We went up to Glacier National Park and we hiked about 1 Terry says 2 miles on the Trail of Cedars. It was so pretty. I did take lots of pics but my camera does not work right now to transfer my pics to computer. When I get my new computer I will fix all that pic posting for sure.
  Ive started with the Christmas Lapghans this year Karen and I have over 35 lapghans made so far. I was hoping for 70 but I think we will make around 40 for sure. I need to start my booty making for my mom and sis oh yea son n law wants some too. I was thinking I could make socks but I will try Ive never made them for others so I dont know what size to make them all in. Ive just always made them to fit me. But I am taking knitting lessons so maybe next year I can have them all made for them all.
  OK Ive been jabbering now for a while. I was over at for so much needed recipe go check it out if you want I know she loves visitors.
  Ok Im out of here have a blessed week my friends:) Tata for now....