Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More delights

 This horse is so pretty, I could not take my eyes off him/her. I know this is the second horse I have shown you here. I live in Las Vegas and my neighborhood does not allow horses. But man if I lived in Kentucky and had about 100 acres and all the money I needed I'd buy me these horses!

This was my dinner last night and thanks to my friend Dani from Eagles Wings for the fig sauce I put on top. I don't eat a lot of bread anymore and I wanted this sauce so I put it on my vanilla bean ice cream, yummy! It made my night.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day to day activities

 This here is a pic of the CAL of The Lords Supper that started this month. I'm only on row 13 so far, but it's coming along. If you want to join us please do. You can find us on Ravelry under Sistas of the Hook group. We would love the company!
Here's a pic of my Buster rolling around on the floor, I thought you would like to see how big he has gotten.