Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spring fling...

Here I am in all my glory with Sissi on my sholder

I saw this and wanted to share with all my crotchety friends! I love it!

This is the Olive Twist scarf from the Love of Crochet magazine of summer 2014 . I loved making this scarf, once I figured out what to do. I made this scarf for my dear friend Lisa on her birthday this year and I'm taking her out to Nora's for dinner. 

Friends please keep praying for peace and for our country! We so need it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ok part 2 of busy day..

This is suppose to be a gift for a friend . But it's not coming out right! Eyikes!

 Here are the pics of the bag I bought off EBay for my knitting. It has a lovely bouquet of flowers on each side. Made in filet crochet, the Irish rose and leaf was made by me because little Sissi chewed a hole in it the day I received it. She just knew mommy needed to put her own touches to it!

Been busy...

 This here is my very old new knitting bag. When I decided to take up sock knitting I felt I needed a dedicated bag just for the knit items.
  The day I received this from EBay, I also had just gotten my little Sissi. I put the bag next to me and made a phone call and Sissi promptly chewed a big hole in the mesh part of the filet crochet!
  As you can see I patched it up with a Celtic Irish crochet rose and leaf. Nice fix I must say so myself! Never leave it by Sissi again is my new motto! LoL

Here evadince of my not so great knitting
, I can not determine what is a purl stitch verses a knit stitch so I can do a rib stitch. I get lost, so I gave up and started to just knit instead, but my teacher says I need to learn the rib stitch for my socks so I'm back at it!

Please my dear friends PRAY for Peace in this crazy world! I know God must have a solution so let's pray for Him to come quickly!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Full moon from God 7/2014

Have I told you my friends what an awesome God I have?
He loves me as  He loves you.
  He walks this earth and sends His love to us always.
He also sends us companions, angels , friends, and spouses.
  We are blessed to have a God that watches over us every minute of every day!
I've been blessed in my life with all of you in it.
My prayer is that you know that you are all loved in the same way as I am.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

July in Vegas, hot, hot, hot!

 This is a little doily I found on the internet on Thursday and I finished it on Friday. It is so cute, I need to block it then I think I'll give it away as a gift to a friend of mine.

 Here's Sissi and Teacup actually liking each other. It's taken awhile for Teacup to welcome Sissi into our pack but she is finally mellowing  to the idea. You can see Pickle in the background, Pickle and Sissi are best of friends.
I found this little caption on Pinterest and it states how I feel sometimes when people ask me what I'm knitting. Nothing against knitting but come on already!
  Speaking of knitting I'm learning to knit socks, it's been real slow because I have so much crochet going on at this time of the year.

  So tell me what are you all working on?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bounty of 2014

 Thought I'd show you my sweet boy Buster! Just a sweet treat.

Here's my bounty of grapes from my vines this year! I'm thinking of making grape jam or jelly. Have any of you made jam from grapes before? I've never canned before so it will be something new to make. Any advice? Looks yummy, and they are very sweet!

Life with Sissi

This is a follow up of life with Sissi!
We got Sissi from the local pound on Thursday. We paid 210.00 for this sweet dog. My hubby bought her for me for our 40th wedding anniversary gift. I was tickled pink, she was as sweet as can be. We went to purchase her and I informed them I had three dogs at home waiting for her to join them.
  Well we got her home and introduced her to every dog seindividually ad they all seemed fine with her but maybe not my Teacup doxie. She was not thrilled by her at all.
  Come Sunday our Pickle was coughing and feeling sick. We waited till Tuesday and took her to our vet. Then on Wednesday the other two fur babies started getting sick! Now all three were as sick as can be. Come to find out Sissi had picked up a virus at the pound and got all my fur babies sick, then by Friday she was sick too!
  My little gift cost us around 700.00 by the time they all went to the vet and all their meds.
  Now she is just one of the family she I a as healthy as can be.
  She is a pure delight and has come out of her shell.
  Tho I must tell you it took awhile before Teacup would accept her into the fold. Now they play all the time.
  I just thought I'd share a little of my life with you all!

  I'm crocheting again after getting Sissi I took a week off because all I wanted to do was play and hold her all the time. Lol. By the time I did get back to crocheting my hands hurt. Have you ever had that problem not crocheting awhile then starting again with hurting hands?
  Ok be blessed my friends and stay cool!