Monday, July 28, 2014

Been busy...

 This here is my very old new knitting bag. When I decided to take up sock knitting I felt I needed a dedicated bag just for the knit items.
  The day I received this from EBay, I also had just gotten my little Sissi. I put the bag next to me and made a phone call and Sissi promptly chewed a big hole in the mesh part of the filet crochet!
  As you can see I patched it up with a Celtic Irish crochet rose and leaf. Nice fix I must say so myself! Never leave it by Sissi again is my new motto! LoL

Here evadince of my not so great knitting
, I can not determine what is a purl stitch verses a knit stitch so I can do a rib stitch. I get lost, so I gave up and started to just knit instead, but my teacher says I need to learn the rib stitch for my socks so I'm back at it!

Please my dear friends PRAY for Peace in this crazy world! I know God must have a solution so let's pray for Him to come quickly!

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