Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet Sissi Poo

 Here she is Miss Sissi Poo we believe she is a mix of Havanese and Poodle. Mostly poodle.we went to the local pound to look at another bigger dog for hubby. I went and looked at all the other dogs while he played with the dog he wanted. But because she was from an abuse and fighting place we decided not to get her.
  The very last dog was this beautiful poodle. I took one look and I just had to have her. They told me she was found in an empty lot wondering around, she had no chip but was well groomed. They also told me she was 9 months old!
She turned out to be 1 1/2 years old per my vet. She is so cute and soft nod cuddly. My doxie is so mad at me because I brought her home to live with us. But as the days go by and I pay loads of attention to Teacup, she is starting to accept her into the pact. As you can tell she has taken over everything and if I wasn't told different she acts just like a 9 month old puppy.
  Terry bought her for me for our 40 th wedding anniversary. I hope to keep her for another 40 years!
  God I'd so good to me!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New puppy

This is my granddaughter Alexandria aka Pickle. Isn't she beautiful? She is working on her own and she attends school also.

  I've been meaning to post on here but for some reason my pictures are not coming through lately. I really need to take some classes on how to operate this mini IPad. I so love it! Thanks Shawn for getting it for me!
  I've got a new fur baby  to show you. She is so sweet. I found her at our local pound. She is so soft and sweet. She promptly got all the other dogs sick with a virus. She ended up costing me some 700.00 dollars later, after they all had to go to the vets.
  But I don't hold it against her. As soon as I can I'll post her pictures.

 I've taken up knitting socks. I've wanted to learn for a long time. And the opportunity arose so I have my second class this Wednesday.
  I've been playing so much with Sissi the new puppy that I haven't crocheted a lot lately and I have so much to do. I'm still working on The Lords Supper and a baby blanket with dress for a neighbor.

Ok be blessed with joy my friends!