Monday, April 28, 2014

Doggie, roses, afghan and friendship doily

Here's my boy Buster. Isn't he getting big? He's a love bug my boy is.

This is my new flower pot, isn't it cute? I bought it Saturday at our neighborhood yard sale event. It only cost me a dollar! Wow it is so sweet

Here's my Easter flower afghan. I finished it a few days after Easter but that's ok I like it. The colors are the ones from the pattern they are not what I would have picked out but I wanted to do something that was not of me. Do you know what I mean? I like it!

Tatdah, here is my CAL from McStitchy was hosting. Isn't it nice? I enjoyed making this doily I was praying for all my friends while making it. I can't figure where to put it tho, any suggestions?

  The weather is a little windy and in the  high 60 s here in Vegas. I've been praying for the weather going on in the Bible Belt areas. So sad I wish all your weather was like Vegas!

  I'm going to start up on my Lords Supper again this week I'm hoping to get maybe 10 rows done this time. I may finish it by 2016 at this rate.

Enjoy your walk with God and try something new!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


These are more roses from my garden, lovely aren't they. I love flowers

These are my tulips that my hubby bought me for Easter. I love them I'm going to try and plant them in my garden in November

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daily fun!

 Here's my not so little Pickle. All my dogs love this pillow. I made it a few years ago and when I brought my Buster home he would lay in it he know just lays over it! My doggies are so very big now. So sad...

Here's the last of my Easter egg tree. I'm taking it down this week. Wow it made it almost to May. 
  I'm working on a CAL with Stitchy it's called the Friendship Doily on Mainly Crochet site. It's a free pattern. Please come join us, it's never too late for friends to crochet together!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My spring coming forth

 Here's my new bike from my hubby. Isn't she grand? I can't wait to ride her just in my little neighborhood. 
One of my roses blooming isn't she pretty? I just love the color!

I ought a very nice looking avacado plant. Can you see the very tiny start of an avacado? I can't wait to taste them. So yummy and good for you and me! Yum!

I'm working on a new afghan for spring. They are little motif that kinda look like flowers. But it's called the kalidascope afghan on the Red Heart site. It's so easy peasy to make. As soon as I get finished I'll take pics for you all to see.
High 80s here in Vegas. So nice I pray it last at least a month without getting to hot to quick!
  It's been in the