Wednesday, July 27, 2011

oops forgot the post

HI all Im off to the Taos wool Festival in October. My very first wool festival Im so excited. We will be staying a coulple nights in Santa Fee then 3 nights in Taos. I cant believe it aa real vacation with Terry 2 years in a row.
  Ive been busy hanging out wtih my brother David who was in the hospital after an accident. Hes doing grat now but has a ways to go before he heals.
  Ive been crocheting blankets along with Karen for the Seniors this year heres hoping we get 40 done this year.
 This is Busters favorite spot his fave pillow and all the toys and his very own fan to bask in. Doesn't he look happy?
My little Buster is having his 6 month birthday this Friday and he is ready for it for sure now I jsut have to get him a little goodie maybe a cookie too. If I can find some doggie ice cream Ill g et them all some I know Bella and Max would love it.
  Ok have a blessed day and enjoy what God has made for us...