Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Many prayers and well wishes for you who deem to read my humble blog!to Happy days ahead for sure!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heres my sister (excuse me) my younger sister Carri on my 53rd birthday which happens to be today:) She gave me the prettiest Angel that changes colors it is so pretty that she wanted to take it back! Of course I still have it!! heehee

Here is the massive yarn that I purchased with my Christmas money from Joanns and Micheals:) I decided that I made so many afghans for others I should make one for my self(:P

These are the beginning motifs of the Hex Afghan so far so good! You can see in the corner of the pic that I bought a brand new ice cream scooper for myslef with a 50% off coupon from Micheals isnt it cute? Its red like everything else in my kitchen!Heres a taste of whats to come with the Hex afghan I figure I can make 10 every evening that gets me closer to the 159 I need for the whole afghan! I got the idea from ttp:// If you get a chance go check out her site, I love her crochet!
OK last night I awoke with a headache around 3 in the morning just when hubby was coming home from work( hes working graveyard) He presented me with these lovely very pink roses. Arnt they the prettiest roses you ever did see for December? What a doll he is to think of me.
Ok like I said its my 53rd birthday today and I had a wonderful birthday. I had all my lovely friends calling me all day to wish me a wonderful day and promises of a later lunch in the month to come. But today I went out with my friend Karen and Terry to the Claim Jumpers. I had Jamaicen (sp?) Sweetpotate and I came home with their awesome bread pudding for later tonight! Oh what a meal!
Im going in on the 15th for an adjustment to get me back on track for my weight loss. Im down 56 ounds so far and would like to drop another 50 before my anniversary of my surgery which is June 2nd. Say some prayers for me and know Im sending them back to you all!
Ok I should get back to my crocheting so tata for now!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Terry and me in Sedona a few years back. Arnt we cute we didnt even break the swing!

pimp myspace profile

pimp myspace profile

This is Terry's 55th birthday today:) Please say a little or even a big prayer for him. He is now entering being a senior citizen:) heehee

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hangin on days:)

As you can see the black little pound puppy has made him self right at home here in our house. He thinks we made it for him!

You can see I like taking close up pics of Fifi but she doesnt mind she actually likes her pic takin.
I dont have a really good pic of Max but Ill get one and add a few of him in here maybe next week Heres a few pics of my babies just layin around the house doin nothin:)

I lost my big screen TV to the neverlands last Tuesday and the repair guys cant get to it till this Tuesday so I have no TV. I did go out thinking I would buy one but man are they expensive I could not even find a little one to buy that wasnt 400.00 I cant see owning 2 tvs since I only watch one. I dont like tvs in my bedroom because thats where I read not watch tv:> heehee
Ive been listening to the local Christian radio and I really like the holiday music they have been playing. Terry gets tired of it so I change over to AOL Radio and play oldie CHRISTmas music ever so often:)
IM in the middle of crocheting little goodie sachet dresses for my few relatives that like those kinda things they need sachet balls to put in them so I need to run out and find some. DO you know where I can find them at? I looked on JoAnns site and then Micheals but they didnt have any there so Im going to venture out to the local mall and see if I can locate some.
Ok Happy days see ya soon ...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy days in Vegas!!

These are some of the sites I saw while I was driving along the highway
I know I should have not been taking pics while driving but I couldnt resist it!
This highway 15 runs along the strip and these are some of the sites where you couldnt see the hotels and casinos
I couldnt believe that there was hardly any cars on the streets
Now you can see what it looks like here in Vegas the desert when it snows:)

Well Ive been busy making some last minute CHRISTmas gifts and Im having a blast at it! I really enjoy this time of that is! Im thinking of putting up my CHRISTmas tree anyways because I miss it so much. And I have no where to put my wrapped gifts.
Ok Ill see you all in a few days, Did you notice I have another follower I cant believe that people actually read my blog but oh well I hope Im interesting! heehee Merry CHRISTmas! Happy crocheting!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas fun

We had the most fun delivering the lapghans and shawls to the home yesterday. Karen and I met at around 1:30 or so and we got to deliver each item to each person what fun. Some of the people didnt want to take anything because they thought they had to buy it. But we had enough items with some left over. Next year if I do this again I will start in April and make only lapghans and shawls because they really didnt need the totes. Hers a few pics so you can see what we delivered.
Dani Im sorry but I made each lapghan differant from each other but I did make one the same except I changed the colors to make them all seem different Ill take some time soon and write out the pattern so you can all make some and they are really quick and fun to make.
I wanted to let you know that I got the idea of this charity from my church here in Vegas and one of the ladies Elaine had this ministry to the home and it just all coame togehter.
Ok Im finally off to make Christmas gifts for some family members:) WOW I love to crochet!

This is a very sweet lady who loved the colors of her lapghan.
Heres two of the ladies in the home. One wanted a lapghan and the other wanted a shawl. Dont they look pretty?
This is the office mangager Betty, me and Karen
This is Glenda if I remember her name right, She loved her lapghan, she told me she used to crochet alot when she was younger. She was naming all the stiches in the lapghan. Isnt she precious?
Heres Karen in the front of the tree with the boxes of goodies.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ok here I go...

Another pic of the lapghans
I cant figure out how to turn this pic right so here it is anyway... many of the lapghans
This is one of the many totes I made

Well I almost finished. I made 20 lapghans and 25 shawls with Karens help and 25 totes. Someone else made 5 other lapghans and I never received them so Im short 5 lapghans. But we made it here are some pics of you to enjoy.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

WOw I thought I was done

I got a call today from Elaine the one connected to the home Im making all the lapghans and shawls for. And she wants to deliver them all on Friday of this week! I thought I only had to make one more lapghan and then I counted again and then again and came up with one short so Im going to try and get another one made asap.
I also went to the doctor today about this nasty cough I have been having and he gave me a bunch of meds and told me not to leave the house for a week! So now I have another excuse to make another lapghan:) heehee haw haw Like I need an excuse.
Well as soon as I finish the last lapghan and Karen brings over her last shawl Ill take pics so you can see them all. Oh yea I also made the little totes as well. I cant forget those little cuties.
My sister Carri reminded me today that she is expecting her house slippers that she put an order in aways back ago. I think I can work those up hopefully by her birthday which is on the 23rd.
I just wanted to let you all know that Larry is home from the hospital and all your prayers are working so keep up the great work fellow saints. DOnt forget to say a few prayers for Susan and Vann too while I know your at it!
Ok I need to get off of here and get to bed so I can get up early to go get the last of the yarn I will need. Oh happy day...

Update: My very good friend Carol is in the hospital having difficulty breathing please pray for her.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

People, People, People,
Im alive really I am. Ive been down with this nasty bug and I havent barely started packing. I can homestly tell you I have 6 boxes packed:) Thats the beginning thats for sure, Pray for us we are all still really sick and I need my strengnth to get through all of this.
Im still working on the lapghans and Im really almost finished if it was not for Karen helping me I know I would not have finshed all of these items. THANKS Karen!
I havent even started my Christmas gifts I dont think Ill be able to make what I wanted to make this year Ill just have to save it for next year.
I have some prayer requests to ask you to pray for they are Larry and Diane and Susan and Vann. Please pray that God stays with them and lifts them up in their time of need.
Ok Im off of here now to get some much needed rest. IM in the middle of rereading the Left Behind series and I cant wait to get back to it. Tata for now my sweet friends...