Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hangin on days:)

As you can see the black little pound puppy has made him self right at home here in our house. He thinks we made it for him!

You can see I like taking close up pics of Fifi but she doesnt mind she actually likes her pic takin.
I dont have a really good pic of Max but Ill get one and add a few of him in here maybe next week Heres a few pics of my babies just layin around the house doin nothin:)

I lost my big screen TV to the neverlands last Tuesday and the repair guys cant get to it till this Tuesday so I have no TV. I did go out thinking I would buy one but man are they expensive I could not even find a little one to buy that wasnt 400.00 I cant see owning 2 tvs since I only watch one. I dont like tvs in my bedroom because thats where I read not watch tv:> heehee
Ive been listening to the local Christian radio and I really like the holiday music they have been playing. Terry gets tired of it so I change over to AOL Radio and play oldie CHRISTmas music ever so often:)
IM in the middle of crocheting little goodie sachet dresses for my few relatives that like those kinda things they need sachet balls to put in them so I need to run out and find some. DO you know where I can find them at? I looked on JoAnns site and then Micheals but they didnt have any there so Im going to venture out to the local mall and see if I can locate some.
Ok Happy days see ya soon ...
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