Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yikes I forgot

To tell you all Ill be leaving for the big island on the 7th of October and Ill be back on the 9th of November:) So again pray that Ill survive without my hubby and my doggies! Oh yea Ill miss you all too:)

The pic is a forvorite one of mine so I thought I would share with you all. Do you like it? I would love to walk along this trail just once but I have no idea where it is:)

Hawaii bound

Hi ya friends, Im off to Hawaii for a month to see my friend Debbie who I have known since I was around 11 or so. Im 53 now so you do the math:) heehee Terry told me to go for a month so Im going! I do hope I dont get too home sick tho. Please pray for me because the last time I left for a 2 week vacation without Terry I came back after 5 days later:) Very sad I know.
Well I ordered my USB port cord for my camera since I could not find one here in Vegas. :( So I can upload pics, for you all to see what Ive been up to as of late.
I got an email from a freind of mine and she was requesting prayers for a soilders wife name Cindy who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Would you please pray for her she needs to stay alive for her little 5 year old son for sure!
Ok now I have been crocheting like crazy but not on my charity crochet lapghans (shame on me for sure) I need to get back to that really quick or Karen will kick my but when she gets back from Montana. I made quick little soap covers for christmas gifts and Ive made a birhtday gift for a friend of mine and Ive been doing little diddies here and there for no other good reason than to be just know what I mean.
Ok have a wonderful week and Ill try and send you a blog entry while Iam away...aloha for now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Friends, Ive been busy doing all kinds of stuff lately. Been mostly crocheting for a friends birthday and doing my charity crochet.
I went out to see Di and Larry @ Moms Diner and they actually had some meatloaf and mashed potatoes for me to eat YUM! They make the best meatloaf oh yea I did get an order of Peach Cobbler and it was fantastic of course I brought most of everything home because you know I cant eat all that food at one sitting, I had it over 3 days and it was still yummy. So if you get a chance to go to Moms Diner say Sherri sent you they may give you some ice with your ice tea:) heehee
I finished my friends birthday gift and I took a pic so when I ever get my cord for my camera Ill upload the pic so you all can see. It turned out really pretty.
Did I mention to you that I listen to podcasts every night almost? Well there is one I listen too called GettingLoopy its a crochet podcast and Marybeth is the hostess and she gives away a prize every week. And this week I won! Yippeeeee And I love what I won. Its 2 free patterns from PlanetJune she makes amigurumi animals and such. I picked out the dachsund pattern and the african flowers so I can make gifts for peoples:)
Oh yea Im hoping to go to the Pahrump Fair in the next couple weeks so Please say a little prayer that Terry says yes because I really want to attend a fair sometime this year.
Ok Ive written a book and I know I dont have any pics maybe I should go and get a pic out of my records what do you think? ok I will! Tata for now...
This is Max my hubbies buddy. As you can see he rules the couches and he lets you know it too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September already?!

WOW this year has just flown by this year. I cant believe it is already in September. Its been hectic here I just wish it would slow down so I could breathe alittle. I just read the most wonderful news. Over at she announced that she is expecting a little baby. I just love that this time of year. I wish I could have another baby but alas Im a little to old for that job, Im just going to have to wait for my great grandchildren that should take a while thats for sure!
Ok Ive been busy crocheting (whatelse is new). Im preparing my self for a long visit with my dear friend Debbie for a month in Hawaii next month. And I just cant bring myself to stay away from my crochet that long so I need to figure out what hook and project to take a long with me. I need to find out what I can take on the plane thats for sure. Any ideas?
Bible study starts up this Saturday. Im looking forward to that. The ladies are such a joy to study with.
Im hoping to go to Pahrump this weekend with Sherry. I think that will be fun we always do have a good time there with Di and Larry. Their resturant is going great so we may not get to visit much. But it should be fun!
I still have not got a new cord for my camera as you can see. I have been taking pics of all Ive been doing so when I locate the cord Ill post the pics for you all to see.
The new tv season is coming I glad for that because Ive been watching reruns all summer. And Im tired of that:)
Ok have I written enough already? Ill try and come back sooner than later...happy crocheting...