Wednesday, December 30, 2009

myspace layouts

myspace layouts

Hey Im still here Ive been so busy with my Christmas crocheting and everything in life but I thought I would stop by and say Happy 54th Birthday to ME! hahahaha Oh well another year and Im still here. I pray Ill post more often I do have tons of pics to show you and all that Ive been up to.

Happy New Year and many more to come for sure!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi there my friends IM BAAAACCCKKK! I am so happy that Im home Ive missed you all! I had the best time in Hawaii Debbie showed me the whole island and we had a blast! The bestest part of the trip was getting to meet new friends Thats their picture from left to right is Darbi, Debbie behind me and then Kyoko and Vergie. They all welcomed me with open arms and really showed me how friendly and lovely Hawaiian folks are.
I cant wait to go back with Terry someday and get to see my new friends again. Ok I just wanted to let you all know that Im back. I have lots I mean lots of pictures but Ill do all that another day. So be blessed and have a happy crochet day...

Monday, November 02, 2009

oops did I not say

that I will be back next Monday around 11 at night and that will be on the 9th of November:)?

Well I will be back lord willing...Im hoping to go to Pearl Harbor this week and maybe do some snorkeling I have a luau (spelling) tonight and then A day of rest.

I cant wait to be home I miss my family and I know they miss me too. I miss my little fur babies as well. I did buy them a little something something.

I decided that I cant bring home all the yarn that the nice Janice gave me because I cant pack it all. Oh boowhoo you know me and free yarn I would love to take it all home and make lapghans with it all but thats ok I think Karen has lapghans waiting for me to assemble when I get back anyways.

Ok Im off to take a shower because it does get sticky here ya know...happy day to you all...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

still in Hawaii

Hello my friends, Im still in Hawaii crocheting everfyday for all my new friends here. Im doing pratty good concidering that I miss my hubby very much and all my family as well.
I dont know how to upload pics here on this computer so Im not going to untill I get home. We are going to a luao (sp) on Monday night then snorkeling sometime next week. I hope I can fit into my bathing suit by then:) Im eating pretty good here lots of hawaiian dishes and Thia or yea Chinese too! So as you can tell im not starving that for sure. Ive been bad by eating lots of chocolate as well I know I need to stop that for sure!
Ok Im off to take a shower and get ready for the day. I got up late today not feeling up to par but I think I will feel better after the shower.
Tata for now and happy crocheting ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im here and just relaxing. Seeing all the sites that I can time permitted in just one day. Wish you were all here. Taken over 500 pics dont know when I can post them here but will get to it sooner than later! Aloha....

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ok my Friends,
Im minutes away from going to the airport:) Ill miss you all but Ill try and get to my blog now and then if I can. Have a very blessed October, Happy crocheting...

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Izabella just had her 12th birthday this past September and Shawn and I bought her the American Girl baby twin dolls and she just love them as you can see. Oh to be a little girl again.
I found this pattern onlne and I just had to make it, isnt the kitty cute? Terry is allergic to cats so I can have any but when I was little I always had a cat until Terry and I married that is:)

Here is the beginnings of a pillow that I will show you in just a minute:) I dont do alot of thread work but when I do whatch out! I keep making things in thread too I think if I can Ill take some on the plane with me.

Tada here is the pillow I told you about didnt it turn out great? Izbella has claimed it as hers so I have fight her for it every time she comes over:)

Heres is my very blurry pic of my Bella girl she has turned out to be a great companion to Terry and I.

Wow Ive got 8 followers now so cool to have you follow me here on my little blog. Ive been busy crocheting (is that news?) But I am far behind in my charity afghan but I know when I get back from Hawaii that I will catch up.

I pray that you all have a fantastic October. October is my favorite season right along with May I think. I love fall and spring for sure. I love the changing seasons thats kinda funny because I was always one that didnt like change. Change of any kind upset me but as Ive gotten older I have come to enjoy the changing ways of the world.

Im off to Hawaii on Wednesday and I wish I could take you all with me oh what fun we would all have for sure! Terry bought me the new Ipod touch so I can get internet on it so Ill be checking in on you all. My hubby is so worried about me going on this trip and do pray that he will be ok without me. I think he will be ok with the dogs to look after him and all.

I did get a new USB cord for my camera but found out that the connection in my camera is broken and I was able to buy some little dohicky that takes the digital disk that I can upload pics so I can give you some more great pics of my every faithful little companion Bella, So enjoy! Have a happy crochet day my friends and love the Lord with all your heart!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yikes I forgot

To tell you all Ill be leaving for the big island on the 7th of October and Ill be back on the 9th of November:) So again pray that Ill survive without my hubby and my doggies! Oh yea Ill miss you all too:)

The pic is a forvorite one of mine so I thought I would share with you all. Do you like it? I would love to walk along this trail just once but I have no idea where it is:)

Hawaii bound

Hi ya friends, Im off to Hawaii for a month to see my friend Debbie who I have known since I was around 11 or so. Im 53 now so you do the math:) heehee Terry told me to go for a month so Im going! I do hope I dont get too home sick tho. Please pray for me because the last time I left for a 2 week vacation without Terry I came back after 5 days later:) Very sad I know.
Well I ordered my USB port cord for my camera since I could not find one here in Vegas. :( So I can upload pics, for you all to see what Ive been up to as of late.
I got an email from a freind of mine and she was requesting prayers for a soilders wife name Cindy who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Would you please pray for her she needs to stay alive for her little 5 year old son for sure!
Ok now I have been crocheting like crazy but not on my charity crochet lapghans (shame on me for sure) I need to get back to that really quick or Karen will kick my but when she gets back from Montana. I made quick little soap covers for christmas gifts and Ive made a birhtday gift for a friend of mine and Ive been doing little diddies here and there for no other good reason than to be just know what I mean.
Ok have a wonderful week and Ill try and send you a blog entry while Iam away...aloha for now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Friends, Ive been busy doing all kinds of stuff lately. Been mostly crocheting for a friends birthday and doing my charity crochet.
I went out to see Di and Larry @ Moms Diner and they actually had some meatloaf and mashed potatoes for me to eat YUM! They make the best meatloaf oh yea I did get an order of Peach Cobbler and it was fantastic of course I brought most of everything home because you know I cant eat all that food at one sitting, I had it over 3 days and it was still yummy. So if you get a chance to go to Moms Diner say Sherri sent you they may give you some ice with your ice tea:) heehee
I finished my friends birthday gift and I took a pic so when I ever get my cord for my camera Ill upload the pic so you all can see. It turned out really pretty.
Did I mention to you that I listen to podcasts every night almost? Well there is one I listen too called GettingLoopy its a crochet podcast and Marybeth is the hostess and she gives away a prize every week. And this week I won! Yippeeeee And I love what I won. Its 2 free patterns from PlanetJune she makes amigurumi animals and such. I picked out the dachsund pattern and the african flowers so I can make gifts for peoples:)
Oh yea Im hoping to go to the Pahrump Fair in the next couple weeks so Please say a little prayer that Terry says yes because I really want to attend a fair sometime this year.
Ok Ive written a book and I know I dont have any pics maybe I should go and get a pic out of my records what do you think? ok I will! Tata for now...
This is Max my hubbies buddy. As you can see he rules the couches and he lets you know it too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September already?!

WOW this year has just flown by this year. I cant believe it is already in September. Its been hectic here I just wish it would slow down so I could breathe alittle. I just read the most wonderful news. Over at she announced that she is expecting a little baby. I just love that this time of year. I wish I could have another baby but alas Im a little to old for that job, Im just going to have to wait for my great grandchildren that should take a while thats for sure!
Ok Ive been busy crocheting (whatelse is new). Im preparing my self for a long visit with my dear friend Debbie for a month in Hawaii next month. And I just cant bring myself to stay away from my crochet that long so I need to figure out what hook and project to take a long with me. I need to find out what I can take on the plane thats for sure. Any ideas?
Bible study starts up this Saturday. Im looking forward to that. The ladies are such a joy to study with.
Im hoping to go to Pahrump this weekend with Sherry. I think that will be fun we always do have a good time there with Di and Larry. Their resturant is going great so we may not get to visit much. But it should be fun!
I still have not got a new cord for my camera as you can see. I have been taking pics of all Ive been doing so when I locate the cord Ill post the pics for you all to see.
The new tv season is coming I glad for that because Ive been watching reruns all summer. And Im tired of that:)
Ok have I written enough already? Ill try and come back sooner than later...happy crocheting...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Susan over at Blackberry Creek had this posted on her site and I just loved it so I wanted to share with you all too. I pray it touches you as it has me.

OOPS: Remember to pause my playlist at the end of my blog so you can listen to this song free of the other songs. Blessings...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jabbering along

I thought well if I dont have a pic to show you that I could at least tell you what Ive been up to lately. I want to tell you that I have fallen in love with my Ipod! Heehee I didnt even have one a few months ago and now I can live without it. I listen to many podcast which are free so thats good. I do have some music on my ipod too, but not much. Just some oldies of Diana Ross and George Straight. My podcast are so much fun I have christian podcasts and crafty podcast. I just listen to a new one actually a video podcast of the Yarn Garden shop. Its a local yarn shop and it has all the ladies in there chatting about differant stuff like their stash. Oh what fun.
Im in the middle of making lapghans and of course I finished my doily pillow. I cant wait to show you all. Im trying to figure out or actually find a pattern for crocheted socks that are made from sock yarn so you can wear them with shoes like knitted socks. Im even get this, actually thinking of learning to knit socks what do you all think? Ive never been a great knitter Im better at crocheting but what the woop Ill give it a shot. As soon as Im finished with the lapghans that priority onr right now.
OK Im going to even try and start embroidering or sewing I have so much I want to do ....maybe I should clean up my craft space and see what I have already before I start something new.
OK Im going to look and see if I can find a pic to show you because I think my site is bland without a pic. Here goes... Heres the pic I found I thought it looked cool I just love it. I dont remember where I got it but here it is! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So sorry Im late

WOW I cannot find my cord to upload pics from my camera. I think one of my grandbabies took it or misplaced it. So I have no pics to show you of all Ive been worinking on,
Ok Ive been working on lapghans and Ive been working on a thread pillow doily case its so pretty. I wish I could show you pics. But as soon as I can I will let you know.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Charity Afghans

Charity Afghans are coming along very well thank you very much! Heehee Ok this is last years pic because I cannot find my camera so I can take a pic for this year. When I do I will show you all the great progress that Karen and I are making on our charity afghans. We may have someone else to help us lets pray that she wants to help us out. Id really like to make 80 of these afghans so everyone will get one for the holidays.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some more Oklahoma trip

This is Bobby my cousin with Carri my sister, we were at the family reunion and having a great time as you can see!
This is Carri she had just waken up and starting her day before we went to the family reunion. Doesnt she look ready to go?

Yep this is me in all my glory of course I took my crochet so I would have something to do with my hands.

This is a pic of the park we were at for the reunion, It was so pretty and green there I just loved it!

This is David my brother , Carri my sister and of course me:) We were sitting at the old whittling tree in the middle of Main street downtown Ada. Its been there as long as Ive been alive and Im 53 now so its a very old tree!
Ok my friends Ive been crocheting afghans for the convalesant home that I do every year. Im doing ok but I dont think Ill make the 80 afghans that I will need. But I pray I can at least get 50 done by December. And I need to do my Christmas crochet as well. I havent decided on what to make this year it may be an Angel or even a crocheted bell I just dont know. I bought a very sweet book from Dani from her Christmas in July sale you can find here :
daniv1951 on Etsy - daniv1951's crafting and embroidery patterns....
Go check her out she has some great items up for sale.
Im going to be taking alittle vacation on October 3 and 4th to the Taos New Mexico Wool Festival which I hope will be great. Ive never been to a wool festival before so Im pretty excited about going. And I really wanted to see Taos. Its in the mountains and my doc says that its great that Ive lost so much weight because the altitude is quite high and I would never have made it walking around. Did I tell you I have lost a total of 86 pounds since last year around June 2, 2008. I really hope I can loose another 80 pounds by next year. Keep up the prayers please!
Ok Im going to sign off now Ive got crocheting to finish and Oh yea Shawn took Isabella to see the new Harry Potter movie so much fun I hope. OK Im going see ya all later.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hoover Dam aka Boulder Dam

Heres aview of the extension road going on over the dam. I just love all the ropes hanging on
The white water mark shows just how much the water has come down. I hate the drought just think of all the little animals that need this wate,

I remember a few yars back I was here when they had to open the extra water way because there was too much water. Now I wish there was too much now

I love this statue I think it homors all the workers who worked on the dam all there years. Everytime I drive by I take his pic!

So close but yet so far to do:)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

In memory of Fifi...

Heres some of the memories I have of my Fifi. She passed Friday July 3rd at 9:45 pm peacefully.
She had finished her dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with a little veggies. And then she relaxed in her cubie and got something to drink then passed away gently into the heaven with all my other dogs that have gone on before me. I like to think that when I go that they will all be there waiting for me to play with them all. I know that God didnt give me these wonderful pets here on earth but that He plans on having them there so when I arrive I will have all that love they give.
Update: I went to bed at 4 am because I was thinking of Fifi and Im up at 9 am because Im thinking of Fifi. Im deeply saddened by her passing and I really need Jesus right now! Oh how sad my life will be without my friend Fifi in it. Thanks for all your cares and prayers for me my friends, I do covet them truely I do.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gormet Yarn Store

This is the first site that I saw when I opened the door to this fabulous yarn store. Do you see the dark bag next to the green one hanging on the side of the table? Well its actually eggplant purple and I bought it as a rememberance of my trip:) Its so cool it holds my yarn and all my purse needs!
This is my sister Carri and myself in the Gormet Yarn Store on May Avenue in Oklahoma City if you need some yarn they have it all!

Heres another wondeerful pic of of all their yarn they have to sell. Isnt it awesome? I love yarn its so soft and yummy...

Here I am showing Carri where there is yarn for her to buy so I can make another set of booties for her and my brother. My brother David drove us to the store but didnt get his pic taken..

This is Margret the owner of the store. She was so helpful and nice. She likes crocheters too! I found the biggest ball of yarn can you see it in my hands. It is so soft too. I dont know what Im going to make with it but who cares I can fondle it! heehee now you know what I do with my yarn...

Well if your ever in Oklahoma City and your looking for a cool yarn store stop off at The Gormet Yarn Store at 9638 N. May Ave, the phone number is 405-286-3737 ask for Margret or even Katie she was very sweet too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

35th Wedding Anniversary

HI there June 8th was Terry and mine anniversary and our chitlins Abbea and Shawn paid for us a little rest at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino next to the Venitian. On the strip. Isnt it beautiful? Terry and I had a fantastic time. We arrived on Sunday the 7th and we ate at a really cool mexican returant and then the kids paid for us to see the Jersey Boys Show. It was fantastic I loved it. Thats why your listening to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
This here is a pic of our suite. There was three tvs in this room. One in the bedroom and the others in the living room and then the bathroom. Where I bought down in the shop called Basin White bath balls to soak in. Great!

I decided to be a tourist so I took a few pics of the strip:)

Heres the pic of the lobby there was umbrellas everywhere.

Another view of the umbrellas in the lobby. They were so awe inpiring.
Ive been busy making afghans and booties because everyone wants booties right now:) Abbea gave me 60.00 dollars to buy yarn to make her booties and boy did I have fun buying yarn. I bought cotton and regular yarns that were on sale at JoAnns plus I got 10% coupon so I had fun!
I love buying and touching and playing in yarn can you tell?
Ok enjoy the music and have a great day...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Heres Izabella and grandpa Terry standing in front of Larry's black 48 chevy. We just arrived in Pahrump, Nevada to check out their new Diner
Heres Larry manning the cash register in Moms Diner! I love the colors dont you? Very cheery!

This is a little cute mobile that I covet:) not really I dont mind seeing it there, just so I can visit:) heehee

Heres one of the walls that was decorated in homey stuff. You can see the chair legs up because we didnt show up till almost closing. Sorry!

This is Diane she is one of the owners of Moms Diner and she does most of the work I think!
Im writing this on Friday the week after I was first there. Today I drove to Pahrump with Sherry so she can see what all the talk was about. We had a great time. I had the most wonderful meatloaf the first visit then I had clam chowder the second visit. It was great! Di made fresh coconut pie and Sherry had the lemon cream cheese. I must say the pie was fantastic!
SO if you ever find yourself driving through Pahrump Nevada stop by and say Sherri sent you they might just let you stay and eat anyways:) haha

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Groom, Texas

On the way back from Ada oklahoma We stopped off at the site of Christs life I really dont know what theyf called the place. Its off the main 40 highway in Groom, Texas. This is a pic I took from the car on the way to see it.
They had many statues I took pics of the all but I can only show you 5 in this blog. Isnt this neat?

I loved this one it is so moving...

I couldnt do the stairs but I did take the pic:) Maybe next time I come by Ill be able to do the stairs...

Here I am looking up at the cross its hugh! I loved comeing here they are going to have a new statue this fall of Micheal.
I have more to show you. Ive been on vacation and I had my 35th wedding anniversary and so much has been going on in my life and in my friends lives...
I have many pics that dI will be showing you I hope you like them.
Im off to do much crocheting for my charity...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ada, Oklahoma

Friends Im going on an unespected trip to my home town Ada, Oklahoma for a family reunioun and Im hoping to stop off at Groom Texas to see the statues of Jesus Ill bring back pics. Be safe and blessed till I return...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IM back again...

WOW Ive been gone for some time I know I know! But Im back from my vacation of life getting in my way. Ive been crocheting and crocheting all kinds of stuff. I started my charity crochet and Ive been crocheting for my Izabella.
The picture you see with all the wonderful cupcakes is from Easter over at Abbea's house. We had a little egg hunt and some egg sandwiches for lunch that day. I went to church with the kids then over to Abbeas. Abbea loves to bake and this is proof! I did eat one and they were really good! Yummy..

Abbea bought her fur baby a little dress for Easter but she was to big to wear it. I brought it home for my furry Bella but as you can see my grandbaby Izabella decided to wear it instead:) Doesnt she look cute?

Izabella wanted me to crochet her a poncho, I told her I would do it in the fall but she insisted that she needed it now. So here it is. Ita a Redf Heart pattern and it was really fin to make. Do you notice how she loves the camera and poising? heehee

Heres my furry Bella in her Easter dress doesnt she look cute? I dont know who is cutest Bella or Izabella..what do you think?

I told you I started my Charity crochet this past month and this is just one of the lapghans Im making along with my friend Karen. I have 5 made so far and 75 more to go. I do hope I started early enough.

Abbea commissioned me to make a baby afghan for her friend that just got custody of his little girl. And he has nothing for her. So I said I would make her a very pink afghan because all little girls need something pink to cuddle in.
Ive been busy with bible study on Saturdays too. We just started studing John and I just love it. I havent been in John in many a moon. Im learning alot and the ladies are fabulous.
My weight is still coming off Im down 70 pounds as of today. I wanted to drop 100 by June 2nd but that does not seem to be happening. But Im happy with the loss. I start water therapy on Friday I hope that will help.
Ok Im off to work on the baby afghan...oh wait did I tell you that I got an Ipod from Terry a few months ago and I just love listening to all the christian podcasts that I download and some crochet podcast too. Im having a lot of fun with it!
Ok Im off to crochet have a blessed day and enjoy your life...