Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi there my friends IM BAAAACCCKKK! I am so happy that Im home Ive missed you all! I had the best time in Hawaii Debbie showed me the whole island and we had a blast! The bestest part of the trip was getting to meet new friends Thats their picture from left to right is Darbi, Debbie behind me and then Kyoko and Vergie. They all welcomed me with open arms and really showed me how friendly and lovely Hawaiian folks are.
I cant wait to go back with Terry someday and get to see my new friends again. Ok I just wanted to let you all know that Im back. I have lots I mean lots of pictures but Ill do all that another day. So be blessed and have a happy crochet day...

Monday, November 02, 2009

oops did I not say

that I will be back next Monday around 11 at night and that will be on the 9th of November:)?

Well I will be back lord willing...Im hoping to go to Pearl Harbor this week and maybe do some snorkeling I have a luau (spelling) tonight and then A day of rest.

I cant wait to be home I miss my family and I know they miss me too. I miss my little fur babies as well. I did buy them a little something something.

I decided that I cant bring home all the yarn that the nice Janice gave me because I cant pack it all. Oh boowhoo you know me and free yarn I would love to take it all home and make lapghans with it all but thats ok I think Karen has lapghans waiting for me to assemble when I get back anyways.

Ok Im off to take a shower because it does get sticky here ya know...happy day to you all...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

still in Hawaii

Hello my friends, Im still in Hawaii crocheting everfyday for all my new friends here. Im doing pratty good concidering that I miss my hubby very much and all my family as well.
I dont know how to upload pics here on this computer so Im not going to untill I get home. We are going to a luao (sp) on Monday night then snorkeling sometime next week. I hope I can fit into my bathing suit by then:) Im eating pretty good here lots of hawaiian dishes and Thia or yea Chinese too! So as you can tell im not starving that for sure. Ive been bad by eating lots of chocolate as well I know I need to stop that for sure!
Ok Im off to take a shower and get ready for the day. I got up late today not feeling up to par but I think I will feel better after the shower.
Tata for now and happy crocheting ...