Monday, November 02, 2009

oops did I not say

that I will be back next Monday around 11 at night and that will be on the 9th of November:)?

Well I will be back lord willing...Im hoping to go to Pearl Harbor this week and maybe do some snorkeling I have a luau (spelling) tonight and then A day of rest.

I cant wait to be home I miss my family and I know they miss me too. I miss my little fur babies as well. I did buy them a little something something.

I decided that I cant bring home all the yarn that the nice Janice gave me because I cant pack it all. Oh boowhoo you know me and free yarn I would love to take it all home and make lapghans with it all but thats ok I think Karen has lapghans waiting for me to assemble when I get back anyways.

Ok Im off to take a shower because it does get sticky here ya know...happy day to you all...
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