Friday, July 25, 2008

Im forever leaving behind me

Ive been busy as of late. I have high hopes of crocheting for 75 to 80 elderly people in a nursing home here in Vegas. I do hope I can make it happen. Im making lapghans, wheelchair totes, shawls and anything else I can think of that they could use. If anyone would like to help out feel free to send along what you can to Sherri McLaughlin at 3216 Mason Ave in Las Vegas Nevada 89102. Im taking anything I can get my hands on for these sweet folks for Christmas. Thats my goal.
Now for my weight issues. Im doing good I do need an adjustment again because I do get hungry ever so often. I went to my very first support group meeting here in Vegas. It was truely helpful to meet with like minded peoples. You know what I mean? I know why I get hiccups after eating some meals (because Im eating to fast) even tho I chew the items the best I can at least 25 chews. But some things I eat cant be chewed that amny times but I try, I just need to slow down. I also learned that I gained all this weight on in a season or two so it will take a season of two to get rid of it all. Im down 28 pounds and that seems to be right on track with others Ive talked too. Tho men do seem to loose the weight alot faster than we women do,bummer but fact! One of my problems is finding what I can eat that I like to fill me up with only getting 4 ounces of food per meal. But Im doing ok. Let me know if any of you are going through the same thing and let me know your blog if your blogging about it:) Id love to hear from others.
I woud leave some photos but my port where to hook up at on my computer is broken( I think my grandkids had something to do with that issue) Im taking my computer down sometime this week if I can bear doing without it:) heehee
Ok Im crocheting little items for my Christmas gifts and Im hoping to start the items for the home in August and make as many items as I can by Christmas. Heres to hooks a flying!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

bummed out for sure

This has a been one wicked month for me. As you know I had my little surgery so far Im down 28 pounds. Yipee in one month I cant believe it but I suppose only eating 4 ounces of food 3 times a day will do that to you:)
Love is such a sore subject here with me. I could have swore that it lasts forever and ever. I cant figure out how wrong I am about people. They need to learn to forgive and forget or you just cant live without it. You know what I mean? People need to just sit down and talk. Because I know there is love there.
Crochet wise Im in the midst of my secret project. Its coming along really nice. When and if I can find my camera Ill take a pic of it so you can see what Im working on. Well a small part not the whole thing because it is a secret you know?
I have been browsing thru my crochet books lately and found alot of cute things to crochet plus I forgot I bought a Santa Clause to crochet from last year that I need to make for this holiday coming up. Christmas is coming! yikes
My poor yard is so over grown with grass I just dont know when Ill be able to get it mowed. Its so hot here in Vegas ( 113 degrees) HOT HOT HOT
Ok Im going to go back and watch Bones and work on my secret project. Have a happy crochet day!