Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year to refurbish

In the coming new year 2013 is going to be my cleaning year. Im going to start with my living room them move to my craft room and then do my library. Ive decided to get rid of most of my stuff so I think Ill have a yard sale March or May as soon as it heats up.
  My house is a wreck and it really needs a destash of past years. I seem to keep it all from receipts to toys I really dont need. I think Im saving my memories but no one really cares about any of it but me and its cluttering up my home.
 So Im making 2013 my year to CLEAN and DECLUTTER my home. I think hubby will love it.
Im going to take pics of before and after so you can see the miracle to come :) lol

  I received two new crochet hooks for this year and they are awesome I ordered them from Celtic Swan Forge. They are solid silver and they work like butter if thats possible. They are real smooth and they warm to the touch.

I pray this new year brings you great fortune and joys. Be blessed from the SON