Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here they are all four of my scarves. I was hoping to make another for good measure but oh well next year I hope to do better:) I picked up my mail today and receved my Peicework magazine. In the magazine is an article about crochet hooks and guess who they interviewed? Yep Dee over at CrochetWithDee. I just love it when I open up something and find a friend of mine along with the most interesting article. Yae Dee! I love you hooks. Some day Ill take a pic of all mine and put them up here for all to see.

Speaking of hooks I recieved my contest hook I was in from Rhonda over at Hooks N Grannies. I won the hook and was so happy to receive it. Here is the best pic I could take so you all could see what I won. Thanks Rhonda I just love it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stockings and such...


Ive been so busy Ive been making scarves, you all know about that right? 60 Scarves in 60 Days for Dee over at CrochetWithDee. We only have a few more days to go and you can still get in on the fun if you want. So go and check her out!

I had my doctor appointment last Friday and all is well with the biopsy. As I thought it was a cyst. But I have to still go back and see the doc every few months to keep an eye on everything. SO yipee all is great! I went out and bought 2 new bras for the occasion:) heehee SO if you still have not gone and got your momogram yet... GO dont walk RUN to the nearest center!

Ok Ive been promiseing you pics of my scarves and they are coming tomorrow. I had to get new batteries for the blasted camera! Im even taking pics of the stockings I made for the next project with Hooks N Grannies so you can see those too.

I want you all to know I have new music on here with using Project Playlist. I hope you like it I sure do I have been having so much fun searching for music that I grew up with:) So cool go check it out if you like.

Ok Im off to crochet a bit. Have a great night!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I cannot believe that I have not been here since the first. Wow You would not believe what Ive been up to:) Ive been really busy making scarves for CrochetWithDee for her 60 Scarves in 60 Days. You still have time to join in if you want too. Just go over to her site and leave her a comment, I know she would just love it if you join us all.

I got hired to make a afghan for my realtor so I started but didnt get far till she called and canceled her order:) Thats ok because I like the afghan so much I may keep it for myself:) heehee sly arnt I. Well my daughter called me the other night and now she wants me to make her a baby afghan for a friend of hers. So Im looking forward to doing that. I had to order the yarn off of Joanns site because they had the colors I wanted and they gave out free shipping:) SO Im just waiting for the yarn to arrive:)

Hubby, dear hubby, has put down his foot:) (heehee Im shaking) That I cannot buy anymore yarn till I get the yarn I have put up and not thrown in bags all over the house. You know I have a room just for my yarn and now If I can get my daughter Abbea over to help me organize it all again I will get it done. (Hear that Abbea?) I know your reading my blog!

Ok the little ditty that I have put up for my pic is a table decoration from last year when I was attending craft classes over at the center. I thought it was very fallish so I thought you might all like to see it again:) Enjoy!Happy crocheting ...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok my dear friends,

Heres the deal I have for you. YOU can have this very wonderful exciting donut just for your selves if you go get a Mamogram if you have yet to get one this year! This is my little gift to you. This month of OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I pray you all go and get examined and please stop and examine yourselves as well. Its never to late to start. Try and remember while you shower thats the easiest way to do an self exam. Go start right now:) Ill wait...