Thursday, April 15, 2010

updating you all

Oh my goodness it has been so busy here amoungst all my peeps:)
Ive been gearing up for my charity crochet for this year and it will be again for the convelsant home here in Vegas. This year we will need to crochet some 80 lapghans this year. So Karen and I have rounded up some peeps to help us out this year. Let me introduce you all to our new friends Lois, Julie and Shelly. Shelly helped us last year and shes back for more. So please pray for us that we are sustained and work quickly and finish all come this November 1st:)
We buried my very missed Mom n Law this past 7th and all is starting to settle down abit. Abbea moved into our old homestead and found being a home owner so much fun! not!
Ive been busy going to doctors and trying to break my weight goal which is very slow so Im hoping to start swimming and that may get me over this hump! Ive tried walking but the arthritis is a real bitc* to overcome. Im getting old for sure!
My MaryKay business is rather slow Ive handed out freebies and books but know one calls:( Maybe Im not made out for selling makeup and girlie stuff! I need to stick to my crochet.
CROCHET is more my passion if you know me and I know you all do.
Andrews birthday is this Tuesday and he has requested for me to cook up some of Dani's Stuffed Beef Patties recipe go check it out if you want the recipe over at her site I know that you will love them Andrew does! YEa for Dani's moms recipe box! Thanks Dani
Ok I still have yet to upload pics to this new computer so no pics this time around but Im hoping Ill take time out and add some real soon. Ok Ive said enough this time. TATA for now...