Saturday, March 20, 2010

yummy dinner tonight

I made a great dinner from the recipe I got off of Danis blog It was a recipe from her moms recipe box:) My hubby loved it and could not get enough of it! I liked it to it was a really simple recipe to make too. Now I have a favorite to make ever so often for sure.
Im in the midst of starting a new aghan for my special person I can mention they may be reading this blog:) heehee say that really fast!
Im very much interested in japanese crochet books right now. Does anyone know where I can order them easily?
Ok Im off to watch a little Castle. tata for now my friends...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

today as always

I went to lunch yesterday with my friends Diane and Sherry. We had some really great pizza...yummmm. I miss seeing my friends very much these days but oh well what can you do?
Im in the midst of crocheting some irish roses for a pillow I want to add to0 my bedroom. I started it in number 10 med pink thread and I just realized that I was suppose to use regular cotton to do the pillow ow well Ill make 2. As soon as I can get my regular computer back Ill add some pics of all the crochet Ive been doing. Im getting ready to start a new afghan I need to have ready by mid April:) whew I better get started huh?
Ok have a wonderful week and Ill try and get back here with some updates. In the mean while go check out some of my friends sites I have listed on the left side bar.

ok dokey Ill be back for sure soon

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did you think I forgot about all of you? My computer has been on the blink for quite sometime now and my daughter brought over hers for me to use and Im lost with out my computer with all my pics to choose from! Wow say that in one long breath! heehee.

Ive been crocheting like mad as of late I sometimes feel like I cant get enough of it. There is so much to make and do I cant seem to get time to do it all. I want to grow a garden like my friend over at EagleWings and I just dont know if I can do that and crochet too!

Today is Pickles 17th birthday WOW Im old! Pickle is my granddaughter Alexandria. She is getting so big. She is off to Texas next few weeks to check out colleges did I spell that right? Oh well who cares. I will miss her terrible if she goes off to Texas for school. But her Nana will love it because thats where she lives!

Abbea got moved into the old homestead like she wanted to and boy has she had one issue agter another:) Oh home ownership what a treat!

Ok Im off to do some more crocheting as I said and I hope you all do too! This is National Crochet Month! Yipee an nother excuse to crochet....