Friday, January 30, 2009

Here I am with my new tea towels that Dani made for me:) I know I cant take a good pic of myself! I just took a shower and my hair is wet here! oh boy Im clean as a whistle
Heres my new yarn bag I crocheted with some yarn my sweet hubby bought for me the other day:) I did one more row than Attic24 did on her bag and I did the trim on the handles for extra strength. Do you like it?

Heres the back side of my little pillow I made to finish of the yarn from the Hex Afghan

Heres the front view of the little pillow

Heres my finished Hex afghan I use it every night:) Its been cold here in the evenings!

Hello Friends,
I know I know I havent been around for a week or so! Ive been busy crocheting my bag do you like it? It was so neat and fast to make I found the pattern over at site she does such awesome crochet work there! I love her site. Thats were I got the inspiration to make my Hex Afghan from too! I posted a pic of the finished afghan do you like that too? I really enjoyed making theses items so colorful and fun to do. I even decided to make the little pillow with the left over yarn. I took pics of the back and the front side. I needed a size 14" round pillow form and I couldnt find one around here so I ordered mine from Ebay and it came today so I finished off the pillow It looks like I should have ordered a size 15 or 16 inch round pillow form but oh well its done:)

I just recieved my new Rooster tea towels from Dani over at her site( in todays mail. I took a pick of them so you can see how happy I am with them Thanks to Dani she does awesome work, she has inspired me to maybe do a little embroidery of my own:) Heehee heres hopin I can remember how to thread or even see the needle:) hehee haw haw ok I know its not that funny!

Im in the process of making some really cute little crocheted figurine dolls when Im done Ill show them to you for you conciderations:)

PLEASE continue to pray for my friend Carol. She is still in rehab she has not been able to move around and we are asking Jesus to give a miracle so she can go home soon. And say a little prayer from her daughter Sherry she is doing all she can right now for her mom.

Oh Ive been loosing weight still, as soon as I get a new number Ill get back to you with it. Im do to see the doc in a week or two!

How do you like my new music? Im looking for some more to post I really enjoy listening to the oldies dont you? Any suggestions?

Ok Im off to do some more crocheing and maybe some embroidery ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

continued saga of hex afghan

Heres the pic without the heart isnt it so cute? I thought the bunny needed something more so here is the bunny with the heart...
Oh did you notice the belly button? I added that too! I was having fun cant you see?


Ive been busy crocheting as usual:) Ive have taken some time off and made this little rabbit. Isnt it cute? It was really easy to make too! I took a pic of the rabbit with no heart and then another with the heart how do you like it? cute huh?

Im still working on the Hex afghan and I think its coming along really great. I saw this movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the star Jane Powell wore this really pretty cover over her shoulders in the movie so Im thinking of making it. I studied the pattern the best I could Ill take a pic of the motif and show you what I came up with, I think it would be fun to make. The movie was made in 1954 wow thats so cool that they showed a crochet piece way back when:) heheh I was born in 1955 see how old I am?

I took the pic of the bunny sitting in the flowers of the hex afghan how do you like it?

Oh ok Iam having dinner with Shawn and the kids tonight with Terry too! Shawn is making a Shepards Pie sounds good huh? Does to me too! Have a great week...

Oh yea Carol was moved out of the hospital into a Rehab place please pray she can leave soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love this video that I posted I know some dont but I do so Im showing it here again. They took it off my playlist so I went and got the video so you who want to hear it can:) Just go below (the end of the page) and turn off my playlist then you can listen to TobyMac sing the song:)
Ok on a much brighter note Carol has awaken from her slumber in the hospital. I was going to go see her today but she asked that I not see her but by the end of the day she says I can so Ill be going to the hospital tomorrow and see that she is indeed ok! But please continue to pray for Carol she needs to be in rehab and you know what that can do to you. SO please continue in your daily prayers for my friend Carol and her family.
Ok Ive not been working on my Hex afghan and I can feel the effects of not crocheting on a daily basis, heehee haw haw! Can you believe that I have not crocheted in a few days AND Im admitting to it! I went for an adjustment today and I saw this lady knitting a washcloth and I could kick my self for not bringing my crochet and I always have it with me. Oh yea great news I lost 6 pounds over the holidays. I havent been to an adjustment since November 4th and I ate like crazy over the holidays I thought but I must be doing something good. So Im back to my 4 ounces and not eating junk!
I got the greatest crochet books from Dani off of her Etsy site go chewck her out she does awesome embroidery work if your looking for some emberoidery I bet she can do it whatever it may be you want done! Her site is this is her crafty site and you can get to her Etsy from there for sure!
OK have a great day and night Ill be back in a few days to let you all know how Carol is doing Ok go crochet or do something great like have a cup of tea! tata

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Doris!


You are a Doris -- "I must help others."

Dorises are warm, concerned, nurturing, and sensitive to other people's needs.

How to Get Along with Me
  • * Tell me that you appreciate me. Be specific.
  • * Share fun times with me.
  • * Take an interest in my problems, though I will probably try to focus on yours.
  • * Let me know that I am important and special to you.
  • * Be gentle if you decide to criticize me.

In Intimate Relationships
  • * Reassure me that I am interesting to you.
  • * Reassure me often that you love me.
  • * Tell me I'm attractive and that you're glad to be seen with me.

What I Like About Being a Doris
  • * being able to relate easily to people and to make friends
  • * knowing what people need and being able to make their lives better
  • * being generous, caring, and warm
  • * being sensitive to and perceptive about others' feelings
  • * being enthusiastic and fun-loving, and having a good sense of humor

What's Hard About Being a Doris
  • * not being able to say no
  • * having low self-esteem
  • * feeling drained from overdoing for others
  • * not doing things I really like to do for myself for fear of being selfish
  • * criticizing myself for not feeling as loving as I think I should
  • * being upset that others don't tune in to me as much as I tume in to them
  • * working so hard to be tactful and considerate that I suppress my real feelings

Dorises as Children Often
  • * are very sensitive to disapproval and criticism
  • * try hard to please their parents by being helpful and understanding
  • * are outwardly compliant
  • * are popular or try to be popular with other children
  • * act coy, precocious, or dramatic in order to get attention
  • * are clowns and jokers (the more extroverted Dorises), or quiet and shy (the more introverted Dorises)

Dorises as Parents
  • * are good listeners, love their children unconditionally, and are warm and encouraging (or suffer guilt if they aren't)
  • * are often playful with their children
  • * wonder: "Am I doing it right?" "Am I giving enough?" "Have I caused irreparable damage?"
  • * can become fiercely protective

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Silvery full moon in Vegas

oooooh by the light of the silvery moon:)
How do you like my pics of the moon we had here last night? It was a full beautiful moon!
I was talking to my friend Karen and she kept telling me how awesome the moon was last night so I jumped up and took a pic or two.
I know I dont take the best pics with my camera but I think they came out alright. What do you all think?
Carol is still holding her own, please pray for her and her family. I havent been up there yet because I know she wouldnt want too many people surrounding her while she is asleep. I know I wouldnt. But if they need me Ill be there! Thats for sure!
OK have a great night and Ill see you again really soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I havent been doing much this past week other than hang out with Hubby:) He took the week off to relax after that hectic holiday week and all.

We did ride out to Pahrump to visit with Di and Larry to see their new place. Very pretty I must say I liked it there it was very quiet for a change from Vegas. Maybe when Terry and I decide to retire we may look into it. We will see.

I baby sat for the kids today and I got a message from Di that Carol was in the hospital again for the same thing as last time ...congestive heart failure. Mostly water in her lungs. PLEASE pray for her she hates the hospital. I pray she will be comfortable.

I put a chicken in the crockpot I dont know if it will be done but I think I could let it cook all night, man I bet it would taste good by tomorrow:)

I havent even been working on my afghan either I should get back to it thats for sure! I have made over 50 motifs I need maybe 150 more to make it big enough:) Boy I can bite off a big one cant I:)

I hope you like my new song I have listed, I feel in love with it while I read at night I listen to every night and they play this song all the time I just love it! They never mentioned who sang it but I figured it out someone called TobyMac. Ill leave it up for awhile I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Ok I should take down this tree. Terry keeps mentioning it so I think thats his idea of a hint:) heehee ok Ill take it down.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Heres the same pic I posted last week but you knew you wanted to view it again:) ITs my basket of working hex motifs!
Heres the beginnings of the afghan its much bigger now that Ive added 50 more to it. Ill take a new pic soon so you can see the progress.

I dont have anything too interesting to say today but Happy Day Im here and glad of it!! HeeHee
Its been in the cold zone here in Vegas for me with Fibro and all. The cold is the worst for me. I went to my doc and got my new meds for the next couple months so that should help. He thinks my authoritis is in my knees now and they are acting up so I need an xray of my knee! Oh goodie more bills!
IM still working on my little afghan. I have made over 50 motifs and have maybe depends how big Ill make it maybe 100 more to go. Ive stopped and made a new pair of booties for my sister she requested some new ones from me that come higher up the ankle so I made them for her. They turned out really cute I must admit. If I can remember Ill get a pic before she takes off with them.
Thursday Im going over the hill to Pahrump to visit with Di and Larry. They retired out there and they are loving it! I cant decide where I want to retire too. I dont think Ill ever leave Vegas. I like the weather too much. And of course all my family is here just waiting to see me:) heehee haw haw
Ok Im off to buy a new crochet hook I discovered on Etsy made out of glass. Its so pretty Ill take pics when I get it.
Have a happy and beautiful day today!