Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love this video that I posted I know some dont but I do so Im showing it here again. They took it off my playlist so I went and got the video so you who want to hear it can:) Just go below (the end of the page) and turn off my playlist then you can listen to TobyMac sing the song:)
Ok on a much brighter note Carol has awaken from her slumber in the hospital. I was going to go see her today but she asked that I not see her but by the end of the day she says I can so Ill be going to the hospital tomorrow and see that she is indeed ok! But please continue to pray for Carol she needs to be in rehab and you know what that can do to you. SO please continue in your daily prayers for my friend Carol and her family.
Ok Ive not been working on my Hex afghan and I can feel the effects of not crocheting on a daily basis, heehee haw haw! Can you believe that I have not crocheted in a few days AND Im admitting to it! I went for an adjustment today and I saw this lady knitting a washcloth and I could kick my self for not bringing my crochet and I always have it with me. Oh yea great news I lost 6 pounds over the holidays. I havent been to an adjustment since November 4th and I ate like crazy over the holidays I thought but I must be doing something good. So Im back to my 4 ounces and not eating junk!
I got the greatest crochet books from Dani off of her Etsy site go chewck her out she does awesome embroidery work if your looking for some emberoidery I bet she can do it whatever it may be you want done! Her site is this is her crafty site and you can get to her Etsy from there for sure!
OK have a great day and night Ill be back in a few days to let you all know how Carol is doing Ok go crochet or do something great like have a cup of tea! tata
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