Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Heres the same pic I posted last week but you knew you wanted to view it again:) ITs my basket of working hex motifs!
Heres the beginnings of the afghan its much bigger now that Ive added 50 more to it. Ill take a new pic soon so you can see the progress.

I dont have anything too interesting to say today but Happy Day Im here and glad of it!! HeeHee
Its been in the cold zone here in Vegas for me with Fibro and all. The cold is the worst for me. I went to my doc and got my new meds for the next couple months so that should help. He thinks my authoritis is in my knees now and they are acting up so I need an xray of my knee! Oh goodie more bills!
IM still working on my little afghan. I have made over 50 motifs and have maybe depends how big Ill make it maybe 100 more to go. Ive stopped and made a new pair of booties for my sister she requested some new ones from me that come higher up the ankle so I made them for her. They turned out really cute I must admit. If I can remember Ill get a pic before she takes off with them.
Thursday Im going over the hill to Pahrump to visit with Di and Larry. They retired out there and they are loving it! I cant decide where I want to retire too. I dont think Ill ever leave Vegas. I like the weather too much. And of course all my family is here just waiting to see me:) heehee haw haw
Ok Im off to buy a new crochet hook I discovered on Etsy made out of glass. Its so pretty Ill take pics when I get it.
Have a happy and beautiful day today!
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