Friday, January 30, 2009

Here I am with my new tea towels that Dani made for me:) I know I cant take a good pic of myself! I just took a shower and my hair is wet here! oh boy Im clean as a whistle
Heres my new yarn bag I crocheted with some yarn my sweet hubby bought for me the other day:) I did one more row than Attic24 did on her bag and I did the trim on the handles for extra strength. Do you like it?

Heres the back side of my little pillow I made to finish of the yarn from the Hex Afghan

Heres the front view of the little pillow

Heres my finished Hex afghan I use it every night:) Its been cold here in the evenings!

Hello Friends,
I know I know I havent been around for a week or so! Ive been busy crocheting my bag do you like it? It was so neat and fast to make I found the pattern over at site she does such awesome crochet work there! I love her site. Thats were I got the inspiration to make my Hex Afghan from too! I posted a pic of the finished afghan do you like that too? I really enjoyed making theses items so colorful and fun to do. I even decided to make the little pillow with the left over yarn. I took pics of the back and the front side. I needed a size 14" round pillow form and I couldnt find one around here so I ordered mine from Ebay and it came today so I finished off the pillow It looks like I should have ordered a size 15 or 16 inch round pillow form but oh well its done:)

I just recieved my new Rooster tea towels from Dani over at her site( in todays mail. I took a pick of them so you can see how happy I am with them Thanks to Dani she does awesome work, she has inspired me to maybe do a little embroidery of my own:) Heehee heres hopin I can remember how to thread or even see the needle:) hehee haw haw ok I know its not that funny!

Im in the process of making some really cute little crocheted figurine dolls when Im done Ill show them to you for you conciderations:)

PLEASE continue to pray for my friend Carol. She is still in rehab she has not been able to move around and we are asking Jesus to give a miracle so she can go home soon. And say a little prayer from her daughter Sherry she is doing all she can right now for her mom.

Oh Ive been loosing weight still, as soon as I get a new number Ill get back to you with it. Im do to see the doc in a week or two!

How do you like my new music? Im looking for some more to post I really enjoy listening to the oldies dont you? Any suggestions?

Ok Im off to do some more crocheing and maybe some embroidery ...
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