Monday, February 02, 2009

Heres a cap I made a few years ago, I love it it has lots of color, do ya think?
Ok by popular demand :) My daughter would like to hear a little Leslie Gore and some Reba so here it is just for her! Enjoy

Oh yea Im still crocheting I had the kids here yesterday and they all wanted to relearn how to crochet Izzie learned to make a granny square and Riley and Micheal learned to make a chain for a necklace:) They wore them home. Im keeping Izzies in a keepsake box for her when she gets older.

Ok Im going back to crocheting Im making a new pillow for that 14inch pillow form I ordered and didnt use so now Im using it:) heehee
Please keep praying for Carol she is being moved today and she is nervous about the move, she really wants to go home. Please pray for strengnth in her legs so she can get up and move around!

Oh yea Happy Feburary can you believe its Feburary already? Only a few more months and it will be Christmas again. I have to start thinking on what charity Im going to do this year. Its between baby caps for UMC Hospital here in Vegas or maybe more lapghans for the convelesant home again. What do you all think? Baby caps not preemies that have too many of thoses right now they need just regular hats. I need to pray about it all ya think?

OH happy day...
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