Friday, February 20, 2009

Ok friends heres a pic of a square of Alexandria new afghan Im making her for her 16th birthday:)
Heres another square. She asked for red and black for her colors and it turned out beautiful, dont you think?

Heres the finished piece. Terry and Abbea held it up so I could take a pic of it. Its big huh? I really like this pattern it works up really quickly I must say. I started it a few weeks ago and walla its done!
I havent decided on what Im going to do next Im debating on making another pillow so go with my afghan but I just dont know ...
I want to start with the charity for this year. Ive decided on 2 differant charities One will be the convelstant home I gave to last year Or actually it qwas Karen and I. And maybe makinaby caps for the local county hospital. I think it would be fun to do both this year. WHat do you all think? IM I biting off more than I can chew? or crochet?
Carol seems to be doing a little better she is trying to get up and move around. Please continue to pray for her legs to be strong.
Andrew is seeking a job at the water department here in Vegas lets all agree together that he gets it! Thanks you Jesus!
I lost another 7 pounds so Im still working on loosing. IM hoping as the weather gts better that I venture out and start walking so....Karen did you read that? heehee we will see!
I had lunch with the girls yeasterday and it was so good. I love mexican food!
Spring is in the air here and I cant wait. IM hoping to maybe plant some tomatoes this year but as Ive been told Im not very good at it so Ill just try and see what happens this year:)
Well Im very happy to be hanging out here with you all but I should get back to my crocheting.....tata for now

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