Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heres the ending of my new pillow, I just wanted you to see the hook that my sweet hubby bought me for my Christmas gift for 08:) Its solid silver and it crochets wonderful. The makers site is over at it ran about 100.00 dollars but I just love it. Its one of a kind too!
Heres another pic of the pillow and the hook:) You wouldnt believe that I ran out of the Vanna Choice Pea Green yarn twice once with the afghan and now with the pillow, I only needed a few inches but of course I went to Micheals and to JoAnns and could not find the yarn to finish it up. But I went Friday and tada there it was at Micheals. So I finished it right away and its looks great. See for your self! Do you love it like I do?I love this little pillow it goes so well with my afghan and it worked up really nice. I may make another one just because I have the yarn left to do so. I dont know... what do you all think?
Heres my new header pic isnt it cute? Its 2 Peas n a Pod Bride and Groom. I started them Sunday morning and finished them Sunday late afternoon:) I got the pattern off the Lionbrand site its a free pattern go check it out if you like it!

Ok heres a few updates I dont know or remember if I told you I started a really neat bible study from my church-Valley Christian Center. Its The Relationship Principles of Jesus written by Tom Holladay hes a teaching pastor at Saddleback Church and the brother n law of Pastor Rick Warren. ITs a really insightful study. If you get a chance to purchace the book get it its great!

Carol is still in the hospital and she wants out really really bad so lets all pray she gets strength in her legs so she can walk! Yipee lets see what Jesus can do!

Im in the midst of making a afghan for my grand daughter Alexandria. Shhhh...Dont tell her its a surprise. Its in her favorite colors red and blck Ill take a few pics and post the next time Im on here:)

Ive got a house guest for awhile my son Shawn. With him being here I get to see my grandbabies more:) Aweeeee I hope it last for a while:) heehee dont tell him that!

Please pray for my son n law Andrew he has put in a job application at the local water dept for a new job. Lets pray he gets it!

Oh ok Im off to the pull of the hook.
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