Friday, February 27, 2009

My darling daughter Abbea saw this bedset on the site of Linen and Things before they closed so she bought it for me. Isnt it pretty?
The set came with the comforter, 3 deco pillows, and 2 sets of sheets , and shams

I dont have all the pillows that it required so I need to go out and buy more pillows. I need 2 26in square pillows so I need to go search:)

This is my daughter Abbea helping me set the bed up so I could take pics. The bed set said it was a California King and my bed is an Eastern King. But I was shocked when the sheets fit perfect. Oh well too cool for me huh?
Ive been crocheting as usual and I love crocheting like you didnt know that already:) heehee I called the UMC hospital here in town and they got back to me that they dont need baby caps right now so I decided that Im going to concentrate on lapghans this year and get as many done as I and Karen can do. Im waiting for a great sale on yarn so I can get stocked up.
I talked to Carol tonight and she really wants out of there and to get home soon. She is doing somewhat better but lets continue to pray that she gets more strength in her legs. She tells me that she must be a bad person if God is not getting her better so lets show her how wrong she is !
I went to a new pain specialest the other day and Im in store for some MRIs coming up in the neaar future lets pray they find out exactly what is wrong with my back and that I can start walking without all the pain. I asked the doctor to help me get off meds not on more so I pray he will listen to me!
Ok I better get back to Terry, Numbers is on and he wants me to sit and watch it with him:) So Im going to do a little crocheting too! OH happy day...

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