Saturday, October 25, 2014

My very first knitted sock!

Ok here it is, all by itself! My very first knitted sock and my very first knitted item! Wow I cannot believe that I actually knitted this little sock. I have started the second one too. And I feel like I might know what I'm doing! Haha I really enjoyed the process of knitting, that I want to start knitting a lot more. I've already started making a dog sweater for my Teacup. I really think that I enjoy the not knowing what I'm doing, and then learning to knit. Wow what a rush to learn something new and exciting to learn more.

Here's my little sock footrest. Isn't she cute? She likes to sit at my feet and she loves it even more if I rub belly with my said foot. Does your babies do this too?

This pic looks like I've got my foot at her throat but I really don't. I'm not even touching her. She is my little kitty cat. She is so soft that she reminds me of how soft cats are.

It's voting time here in Nevada so I went early! I hate all the ads don't you?

Please continue to pray for our nation.
Pray for Isreal
Pray for all Gods children
Pray for Peace


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doilies and Tea

Here's my sweet grand children. Alex, Riley and Izabella. They all took a birthday trip to Disneyland over the weekend.

Here's my bounty from them. Alex brought me the sweetest black tea from Disneyland. It is so good, very tasty. Yum!

Here's my finished doily from doing Scottys blog. It was hard and it was challenging, but I loved it. So fun even tho I had to rip out several times.
The bottom pic is where I put the doily on my living room dining table. It is so pretty. It only turned out to measure 18" I used a size 4 steel hook and 10 thread. I was confused on the instruction but having the picture helped a lot. Thanks Pammy Sue for a great CAL!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Autumn news

My neighbor John took this pic of autumn flowers. I just wanted to share with you.

I found this pattern on Pinterest . I have no idea who the designer is. I wish I did I'd post her/ his name. Isn't it lovely?

Ok my peeps God is calling His people to pray and pray we will do! Pray for all His children, pray for all the families who are struggling right now! Lift them up in prayer today.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Colorado trip fun

This is my trip to Aurora, Colorado to see my friend Debbie. I've known Debbie since elementary school. We grew up and wild together.

When I arrived in Colorado Debbie found out that the town was having a Yarn Crawl. I have never heard of that. So Debbie took me around to 4 of the stores, there was over 25 stores participating. wow Las Vegas has only 2 yarn stores. I was so excited going to each store. I'm standing in front of Tea for Ewe, they served fantastic Earl Grey Lavendar tea with some awesome cotton yarn! So much fun!

This is a shawl made from Quincy and Co. Piper yarn shawl, it's knitting so I need to learn knit this shawl. The store was a yarn store and quilting store in one. It's called Fancy Tiger Crafts. They were fabulous so nice.

We went to Garden of the Gods. And we went to see the Balancing Rock. Debbie talked me into climbing up there to take this pick. I know you can't see it but I was wearing my flip flops. I held Debbie's hubby Dans hand all the way up there.

Please pray for leaders of our wonderful country. And pray for Isreal.
Pray for all Gods children we need Him now more than ever!

Jer. 29:11-14

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knit, knit knit

The above pic is my heel I turned on my very first sock! Yea is getting there
Here's a pic of me with little Teacup sleeping behind my shoulder.

Here my ex daughter in law Janette learning to knit. She's making a scarf.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grand daughters delights

 I've been working on my grand daughter Izabellas 17 th birthday gifts. The owl slippers are for her. And the sock monkey slippers are for my other grand daughter Alex, she loves monkeys
Here's the tote I made Izabella. I ordered her some cook books one for baking and another for general cooking. She is really getting into baking so I thought I'd buy her some tools to help her along the way!  I made Alex a tote too but forgot to take a pic. I made her a knitting tote while I was in Montana a few years back and she used it a lot now that she's knitting up a storm. Well some low life stoled it from her friends car while they were getting lunch. So I made her another one.

Ok here is the evidence that I've been knitting! Haha it's my little sock, I'm in the middle of doing the heel. The little grey piece is a piece knitted by Alex she was learning to do cable work. She did an awesome job. She didn't know what to do with it because it was too small so I asked her for it. I'm going to frame it. She is getting so good at knitting!

Ok peeps pray for our world and all Gods children.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lazy day today

The top pic is Sissi responding to the air conditioner man. Because last night at 2 am in the morning my air conditioning caught on fire! I called the fire dept and they searched the house and said the air conditioner burnt up. Boy was I happy my house wasn't burning up. As you can see Sissi and Teacup are exausted from being up all night.

God has blessed me by watching out for me that's for sure!