Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ada, Oklahoma

Friends Im going on an unespected trip to my home town Ada, Oklahoma for a family reunioun and Im hoping to stop off at Groom Texas to see the statues of Jesus Ill bring back pics. Be safe and blessed till I return...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IM back again...

WOW Ive been gone for some time I know I know! But Im back from my vacation of life getting in my way. Ive been crocheting and crocheting all kinds of stuff. I started my charity crochet and Ive been crocheting for my Izabella.
The picture you see with all the wonderful cupcakes is from Easter over at Abbea's house. We had a little egg hunt and some egg sandwiches for lunch that day. I went to church with the kids then over to Abbeas. Abbea loves to bake and this is proof! I did eat one and they were really good! Yummy..

Abbea bought her fur baby a little dress for Easter but she was to big to wear it. I brought it home for my furry Bella but as you can see my grandbaby Izabella decided to wear it instead:) Doesnt she look cute?

Izabella wanted me to crochet her a poncho, I told her I would do it in the fall but she insisted that she needed it now. So here it is. Ita a Redf Heart pattern and it was really fin to make. Do you notice how she loves the camera and poising? heehee

Heres my furry Bella in her Easter dress doesnt she look cute? I dont know who is cutest Bella or Izabella..what do you think?

I told you I started my Charity crochet this past month and this is just one of the lapghans Im making along with my friend Karen. I have 5 made so far and 75 more to go. I do hope I started early enough.

Abbea commissioned me to make a baby afghan for her friend that just got custody of his little girl. And he has nothing for her. So I said I would make her a very pink afghan because all little girls need something pink to cuddle in.
Ive been busy with bible study on Saturdays too. We just started studing John and I just love it. I havent been in John in many a moon. Im learning alot and the ladies are fabulous.
My weight is still coming off Im down 70 pounds as of today. I wanted to drop 100 by June 2nd but that does not seem to be happening. But Im happy with the loss. I start water therapy on Friday I hope that will help.
Ok Im off to work on the baby afghan...oh wait did I tell you that I got an Ipod from Terry a few months ago and I just love listening to all the christian podcasts that I download and some crochet podcast too. Im having a lot of fun with it!
Ok Im off to crochet have a blessed day and enjoy your life...