Tuesday, May 27, 2008

wow I cannot believe Ive been away for so long. Ive missed you all! Ive been ill but now Im better. I thought I would write alittle about what Ive been up to here and everywhere:)
I went to Cambria California for a little rest and it was wonderful. My friend Karen came along in her motorhome and we went off to visit the wineries. I fell in love with some great wine that tasted like a frozen grape that you suck on:) I cant remember the name but Ill find out for you all.
Im preparing my self for surgery on MOnday. Im having the LapBand surgery done so I can loose some much weight that I dont need. I have issues walking and breathing and I miss walking for sure. So say a few prayers for me and Ill be back to share in all my thin glory.
Ive been having issues with my computer too its gone out on me twice so far dont worry if I m not back again soon.
Have a great day