Sunday, February 03, 2008

Friends, Im sorry Ive been out again. I came down with a mean case of the flu. I cant seem to shake it. My dcotor does not want me to go out anywhere. It seems I am in a bad case of low blood count and I can catch this even worse if I do so Im trapped in the house till this wears off.
I have been playing around alittle with the broomstick lace baby afghan. Oh yea I did ask Jimbo If he could make me one hes looking into it. So Ill keep you posted about it. Here are a couple pics I took of my progress so far. Enjoy!

Just to keep you updated on my little Needlecrafters group here in Vegas. I got 2 people to sign up. I need to teach them to crochet but oh what fun! Ill keep you updated as we move along!