Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday my friend

This is my very good friend Karen K. Today is her 56th birthday. She is always 6 months behind me and now she has caught up to me until December that is.
She looks cumfy here huh? She was tired from working with my doggies. She loves dogs. Shed have lots like me if she could.
Our church is having their annual Oasis Craft Fair in October and Im trying to make little goodies I do hope they will sell I just never know what to make at these things. I never buy because I always think to myself that I would be able to make what I want. 
I joined the Womans group at church and they are having a retreat in September Pray all goes well for me. We are going up the the Baptist Church at Mt. Charleston. My very favorite place to be. If I could afford it I'd live up there. It is so peaceful and pretty.
Ok my friends have a blessed month and remember to PRAY for your loved ones day and night.