Thursday, August 06, 2015

The last pics of CGOA conference 2015

This is Marly Bird and myself. Can you tell I was way giddy at meeting her. She was so sweet to me.

I just feel in love with this bag, I love the colors and texture I really hope they come out with a pattern to it.

This is me crocheting at Joes Crab Shack in San Diego right across the street from the ocean. I put my yarn ball in the waste bucket to control the yarn. I was making a cowl with the new Red Heart yarn I think it's called Unforgettable. It was so pretty and lush ours to work with.

This is a amethyst ring my honey bought for me, isn't it pretty? I've always wanted a big purple ring to wear around and now I have one.

I'm in the throws of cleaning again. I have so many boxes to go thru. I'm planning to finish up by Thanksgiving, I don't want to have any boxes left in my house. I want everything to have a place. Do you know what I mean?

Be blessed and enjoy the rest of summer because before we know it winter will be upon us all. 

Remember Isreal in your prayers and our great nation too.


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