Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today is my 52nd birthday:) Yipee I made it. Ive had a great day. It started out with my sweet boy Shawn giving me a coin purse along with the purse to match it. Its a Coach purse whatever that means. I dont know brands at all. But he was excited about it:) I love it. Id show you a pic but to my sadness my camera (which is new) has died out and Im going to go exchange it asap that mean tomorrow:) Shawn gave me a little cluch purse for Christmas and I loved it so he decided to give me the whole purse for my birthday!
Then I went off to church and had a great time. The church as a whole is going to be doing the Daniel Fast for the month of Janurary. I dont think I can do that with my diabetes so Im going to give up deserts and chocolate for the month. Pray that I stick to it!
Then after church I went to have lunch with my friend Karen and her mom Irene. They took me to the Red Lobster. And we all had the special with a small lobster and king snow crab and shrimp scampi oh yea a baked potatoe. I could not eat it all so I brought home the scampi and the baked potatoe for dinner later:) yummie
My mom was just here and she bought me some yarn with a new bag for yarn. I love it. who wouldnt love yarn anytime of the year! not me LOve LOve LOve it!heehee
My sister sent over a really cute bath set pomegranite(sp?) and a gift card to Borders:) Love that too. There could be a new crochet book out there I dont have yet:) I just know there is.
Ok friends Ive had a great day full of fun and excitement. Ill see you next year for sure! Oh happy day!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh what a week Ive had. But as good as God is is Fansatic! Ive been awaken a new today! Ive been filled with new invigoration. Im going to get to makeing new baby booties for the pastors new grandson Isaac I dont know if they spell it that way but I do:) Im going to do my regular old booties nothing special. Ill take a pic and maybe put the pattern up for you all to do to! I know you want to!
I had a great CHRISTmas and everyone seemed to have one too! I missed Jerri but I know she is singing with the angels. I got a really neat Cuisinart blender/Smoothie dispencer/food processor from my friend Karen. Terry got me yarn YIPEE I love yarn for CHRISTmas. My daughter got me something but she forgot to give it to me so I dont know yet! My son bought me a Coach little purse for my purse. Its so cute. My grandkids got everything they asked for so they were happy.
My birthday is on Sunday and Ill be 52 years old. I love it I cant wait I make it Yippeeeeeeee.
Ok Ill be back later to show you the booties and maybe the pattern. Ok Ill do the pattern my gift to you all. Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My friends,
I come to you again this year with the sad news that my cousin past away on Christmas day. We are so totally unprepared for this death. She fell and bumped her head and passed away the same day. I dont have a pic of her or I would put it up for you to her.
She was a one of a kind lady. I loved her very much. She will be missed. Her name was Divida. SHe babysit me and my sisters and brother when we were little.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Friends,
I want to tell you how thankful I am to have such sweet friends as you all are. With my sister passing last week you have all sent your prayers. Thank you!
Well here is my tree this year. I didnt get very many ornaments up on it this year. My daughter Abbea came over and put it up for me. She is sweet that way! It still turned out cute , dont you think?

The cute little sachet is from eBay. Isnt it cute and it smells awesome. I have no idea what the smell is tho:) I bid a silly amount on this item and it came with a thimble and two small scissors. I think I got it all for less that 10 dollars thats including S&H. Its needlepoint and just so sweet. I think one of the things Im going to try and do next year is start (again)to shop at thrift stores. I miss the great deals I get on pretty things. Im trying to decorate my house again. When I moved in this house over 6 years ago I was in the middle of a dark point in my mind. I feel like God has lifted it and now I can see the pretty things again. I want to make my house a home again with pretty roses and angels and lots of crocheted lace:) Yipee here I go ashopping!
Ok have a very blessed CHRISTmas and remember why we celebrate in the first place!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jerri Esposito 7-4-1957 / 12-1202007

I know that you all have been praying for my sister Jerri. She went to be with the Heavenly Father on Wednesday Dec. 12 at 1:30pm in her sleep. She went very quietly and peacefully. She will be greatly missed by her daughter Jenny and her family that she leaves behind. We thank you all for your prayers.
Remmeber to hug your loved ones this year in memory of Jerri.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Jerri Esposito

My friends,
Ive come to you today so you may see my sister Jerri and maybe you could say a prayer for her. She is now in the hospital and she is suffering. I would very much like you to pray that God will release the suffering and she could have peace. I know this is not the time to bother you all with this sad news but I know Jesus would love to hear from you at this time of the year not that He wouldnt love to hear from you any other time :) Please stop and say a small prayer for Jerri Esposito she is 50 this year and she has a very sweet little girl named Jenny. I love you all for your prayers and I pray that God will bless you and yours this time of the year and always. Im posting a pic of my sister that was taken a few weeks ago actually on Thanksgiving day this year.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Im really sorry Ive been gone but my old computer died on me and now I have a new computer and Im having all kinds of fits getting it where I like it:) You all must know the feelings of loosing a old friend and getting a new friend.
I tried to add a pic of my Christmas hat so if it comes thru great if not then boohoo. Its a really cute hat I cocheted the flower it was so easy to make. I have no idea what pattern I used to make the flower.
Well I have started me Christmas shopping and Im just about done. And I did pretty much 98% online this year. All I have let to buy pretty much is my furbabies and my dear hubby. I have no idea what to buy hubby, Do any of you have any ideas for me?
Well happy shopping and crochet away.....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I wanted to post a really cute pic on the site but it just will not come through for me:( I want you all to know I have been praying that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have a total wonderful meal!
Happy Thanksgiving Day

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Heres a pic of the lady who made the biggest American flag I have ever seen. You can read her story here Athens Woman Crochets Oversize American Flag. Go check her story out it is very inspirational. I dont think I could ever make this flag I would have given up a long time ago.
Making afghans is not my best items to make. I get bored very easy doing the same repetitive item over and over again.
What have you all been up to anyways? Hows your Thanksgiving dinner coming along? This will be the first year that I will not be making dinner here at my house. My daughter Abbea is making the dinner this year. I know she will do a great job she has helped me for the past few years and now she has her own place so now it is up to her:) Oh the fun to just sit back and enjoy the day. I may bring my crochet and crochet away...
I have been trying to decide what charity here in Vegas to crochet for. Where do you all go to do your charity work. I think Ill ask the hospital if they need hats or anything for the babies and then maybe a senior center. Oh well Im bummed about the price of shipping it really puts a stop to my charity work for HooksnGrannies. What do you all do for charity work? Give me some ideas Im open for them.
Ok Im off here have a great day!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Heres my latest package off to Rhonda at Hooks N Grannies ,15 pairs of booties and around 20 hats. Oh yea 2 stockings for the stockings exchange. I finished my 60 scarves in 60 days with only 4 scarves made. Now I need to find were to send them too:) I was thinking maybe to the senior centers but I need to find out if they wear them there.
Ive been very slowly making a baby afghan. I dont know whats wrong with me Im moving so slow with it. Ususally I would have it finished in a week or more but its been 2 weeks since I started. HELP I need energy or desire something along those lines. :)
Christmas is just right around the corner I cant believe it is almost here. I have yet to even begin buying or even making my gifts yet. HELP! heehee Ill start as soon as I get my list from my darling grandchildren.
Well friends have a very happy day!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here they are all four of my scarves. I was hoping to make another for good measure but oh well next year I hope to do better:) I picked up my mail today and receved my Peicework magazine. In the magazine is an article about crochet hooks and guess who they interviewed? Yep Dee over at CrochetWithDee. I just love it when I open up something and find a friend of mine along with the most interesting article. Yae Dee! I love you hooks. Some day Ill take a pic of all mine and put them up here for all to see.

Speaking of hooks I recieved my contest hook I was in from Rhonda over at Hooks N Grannies. I won the hook and was so happy to receive it. Here is the best pic I could take so you all could see what I won. Thanks Rhonda I just love it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stockings and such...


Ive been so busy Ive been making scarves, you all know about that right? 60 Scarves in 60 Days for Dee over at CrochetWithDee. We only have a few more days to go and you can still get in on the fun if you want. So go and check her out!

I had my doctor appointment last Friday and all is well with the biopsy. As I thought it was a cyst. But I have to still go back and see the doc every few months to keep an eye on everything. SO yipee all is great! I went out and bought 2 new bras for the occasion:) heehee SO if you still have not gone and got your momogram yet... GO dont walk RUN to the nearest center!

Ok Ive been promiseing you pics of my scarves and they are coming tomorrow. I had to get new batteries for the blasted camera! Im even taking pics of the stockings I made for the next project with Hooks N Grannies so you can see those too.

I want you all to know I have new music on here with using Project Playlist. I hope you like it I sure do I have been having so much fun searching for music that I grew up with:) So cool go check it out if you like.

Ok Im off to crochet a bit. Have a great night!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I cannot believe that I have not been here since the first. Wow You would not believe what Ive been up to:) Ive been really busy making scarves for CrochetWithDee for her 60 Scarves in 60 Days. You still have time to join in if you want too. Just go over to her site and leave her a comment, I know she would just love it if you join us all.

I got hired to make a afghan for my realtor so I started but didnt get far till she called and canceled her order:) Thats ok because I like the afghan so much I may keep it for myself:) heehee sly arnt I. Well my daughter called me the other night and now she wants me to make her a baby afghan for a friend of hers. So Im looking forward to doing that. I had to order the yarn off of Joanns site because they had the colors I wanted and they gave out free shipping:) SO Im just waiting for the yarn to arrive:)

Hubby, dear hubby, has put down his foot:) (heehee Im shaking) That I cannot buy anymore yarn till I get the yarn I have put up and not thrown in bags all over the house. You know I have a room just for my yarn and now If I can get my daughter Abbea over to help me organize it all again I will get it done. (Hear that Abbea?) I know your reading my blog!

Ok the little ditty that I have put up for my pic is a table decoration from last year when I was attending craft classes over at the center. I thought it was very fallish so I thought you might all like to see it again:) Enjoy!Happy crocheting ...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok my dear friends,

Heres the deal I have for you. YOU can have this very wonderful exciting donut just for your selves if you go get a Mamogram if you have yet to get one this year! This is my little gift to you. This month of OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I pray you all go and get examined and please stop and examine yourselves as well. Its never to late to start. Try and remember while you shower thats the easiest way to do an self exam. Go start right now:) Ill wait...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well friends,
heres a big kiss from Fifi:) I needed one today. I just got back from the surgeon. They are going to go ahead and do a ultrasound biopsy on my breast. So as soon as I get the info I may blog about that too. He says Im high on the list for cancer since my sister got heres late in life so I could too. I really think it is just a cyst but now I will find out. So please dear friends if you have yet to get your mamo done this year go and get it now!
Ive been reading alot of my friends blogs and I just love what they are doing on them. Susan over at Blackberry Creek is having give aways on her blog I may do that here. Wont that be fun. Im going to look around here and see if there would be anything you all might like to get. You never know.
Ive been busy making scarves for Dee for her challenge 60 scarves in 60 days. So far we have around 25 scarves made, Im going to try and make a few more to get that number up there:) If you can make a scarf and give it away to a great charity and let Dee know and she will add you to the growing list of volunteers.
Ok go have a great day and enjoy it:) Happy crocheting I will go!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I just had to share with you pics of what my sweet sister Jerri ( The one who has cancer) She gave me the sweetest doll that she had crocheted several years ago. Isnt she adorable? She has a little muff and she has fishnet stockings on her legs. They are so cute. Im going to see if she may still have the pattern for the doll. Id love to make a few for my grandkids.

My sister is doing well with her treatments and she is even looking pretty good too! If you think about her please say a prayer for her:)

Ok Im off to crochet more scarves for CrochetWithDee 60 scarves in 60 days. Poor Dee sprained her wrist and she is still crocheting (gingerly) so she can make her goal. If you likeyou too can make a scarf or two all you need to do is make how wever many you like then donate them to a worthy cause. Let Dee know and she will keep a running tab on how many we get made. Yipee how exciting! Happy crocheting my friends.

Monday, September 10, 2007

well Friends,

I went out with my dear friends Carol and Diane on Sunday. When I returned home my dear hubby surprised me with a NEW camera:) We went the night before to my granddaughter Isabella 10th birthdday party and I had no camera. Oh yea except my phone camera which I dont like those pics. So I have a new camera to play with:P So here is a first pic I took looking out at the evening sky. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Friends I did it! I can wait another year before going back again:) I hope you all have had your exam! I was scheduled for 1 oclock but didnt see them until 2:30 Whew they were totally backed up. There was a girl there that got upset and wanted to know why she was not seen pronto because her apponitment was 1:30 so they took her the next one up:( I couldnt believe it Id been there scince 1:00 and she beat me to it! It does pay to complain I guess. Oh well I survived it. oh until next year.
I coundnt find a pink ribbon

When I'm finished here ill post and let you all know how weird I truely am. Hee hee

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Scarf Contest

I just finished reading CrochetWithDee blog and she is having her scarf contest a little early this year. So go by her blog and read up on this great event. I plan on making as many as I can. Tho here in Vegas we really dont wear scarfs that often so I may try and find a place back East to send them to. I know they get so cold there during the winter months.
Ok go grab your yarn and whip up a scarf they are easy to make and alot of fun to design.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Im doing pretty good

Well friends,

Im doing well since my mishap with the crochet hook:) What a farse that was! I still love my crochet hooks I have to tell you. Ive been crocheting 7inch squares for a friend of mine over at the Hooks n Grannies group. She had an accident and turned her ankle and she pulled all the tiny blood vessels and some how or another she got gangreen(sp?) so they had to amputate her leg from her knee down. So sad for sure. I pray she has a rapid recovery and that she copes with it all with Christs peace about her. We in the group decided to make her an afghan so she can cozy up with. The colors are blue and cream. Very lovely for sure. So now you know what Ive been up to. What have you all been doing?

I still have yet to get a new camera but I will someday. Im just being a little laid back about it and Im having a hard tome deciding on what to purchase. If you have a nyt suggestions write me ok? I need all the help I can get! heeheehawhaw. Im going to go through some pics of mine to post here and see how you like them oe of them is my baby Fifi's rearend,isnt she a doll? She thinks she owns the whole house I can tell you that!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stabbed by my crochet hook

I had a rather rough day yesterday. I took my mother n law to the doctor and I waited in the waiting room for her and I was crocheting flowers for my daughters wedding in thread. I was using a new hook that I had just purchased off eBay. I believe it was a size 8 steel hook with some beautiful clay wrapped around the handle. Then one of her doctors came to me and wanted to see me. The doctor informed me that my mohter n law has breast cancer again. And that my mother n law had decided not to fight it. My mother n law Ann went through a very hellish nightmare around 6 years ago to battle that terrible cancer. She did agree to have a biopsy and a pet scan to see how far the cancer has grown. I if you could please say a prayer for her. She is 73 years young and very stubborn.
Well back to the crochet hook. I just poked it into my thread ball and laid it in my purse. I put the purse on the floor of the truck and then proceeded to get into the truck then I put my leg right over the hook and got stabbed! In the left calf right above my ankle. YEOW that hurts. I have never hurt myself before with my hooks. SO plase ladies be careful.
Ok now you know what Ive been upto these days

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Been keeping busy


Ive been keeping myself busy crocheting. I know you just cant believe that but its true! I went yesterday and bought several skeins of Vanna Whites new yarn. Im going to try and make myself a little bag with the colors I bought. I got some handles from Jimbo a whole ago and I thought I would see if I could use them or not. I might not because they are rather woodsy and these colors just might not go with the woodsy look:) Hee hee Am I making my self clear? Nope I think not. Heres a pic I took awhile ago of a bag Im thinking of making. It was on sale on eBay and I tried to buy it but I lost out so I took the pic and thought I would try my hand at copying the pattern. What do you think. I did pick differant colors and Im going to make some differant insides. So it wont be exactly like this one Ill take pics and we can compare when Im done hows that?

On the camera idea I have yet to find one I want. There are so many of them out there to choose from. My daughter did show me how to take pics with my cell phone and load them up to the computer so Ill try that next time to see how that works out for me. Wish me luck:) heehee

Monday, August 13, 2007

Boo hoo


You will not believe it but my camera has died! Yep Its gone. Now I need to purchase a new one. Now my issue is which one to purchase. Since taking pics for my blog here I know I want one that will take close ups and show details of my crochet. Now I just need to search out for the right one.

Now because I dont have a camera right now I wont have any pics for you to look at. Well except the last couple I have that I took before my camera died. So here they are.

The first pic is of my new crochet hook. I got it off of ebay and I just love it. It even came with a really cute wood ring as a thank you gift. It came from Costa Rica. And it came in its very own hand made wooden box, I just love it.

The second pic is a pic of one of my roses my daughter had me make up of her wedding coursage. She wants all her flowers to be crocheted. So Im trying differant things to make them look nice. She now wants to get married in Hawaii maybe aon a cruise ship. So I wont have to make as many:) heehee what fun!

Ok Ill be back again real soon camera or no camera. Ill let you know what Ive been up to crochet wise. Happy crocheting!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fingerless gloves and caps


I did mention last post that I was making fingerless gloves for my friend Lisa. I gave them to her for her 41st birthday. She loved them! She tells me that she has the coldest hands so I hope this helps her out. I tried to make them in every color I had available. I used Caron Simply soft. I love that yarn it is so soft and very easy to work with. Comes off the hook like butter!

I know I mentioned too that I have been making Chemo caps for Hooks N Grannies group. I used my fun fur yarn that I bought when they clearenced alot of the fun fur out over at Micheals. I love the way the caps came out. I used CrochetWithDee chemo cap pattern. I love the pattern it is so easy and looks fantastic. Thanks Dee!

Ok well Im back to making baby booties so I can donate them with caps that Ive been making. I love Hooks N Grannies they keep me busy making little things for the babies out there. I do plan on making a few doilies I have planned for a few friends for Christmas gifts. So I need to go and check out whats out there in patterns.

Ok Im off to crochet! Have a fantastic day! And keep cool!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Did you think I have abandoned you all? I havent Ive been so busy making those silly half gloves for my friend Lisa. She is celebrating her 41 st birthday here on earth with the rest of us. So I have made her a pair in every color I can find that I dont need to go buy more yarn:) haha

As soon as Im finished Ill take a pic so you can all see them all. And Im also trying to finish up on my chemo hats for Hooks N Grannies charity we are all doing.

Ill be back soon maybe Wednesday! Keep on crocheting! I know I will:) heehee

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ive been keeping busy with my crocheting as of late. It has been so hot here in Vegas this past week. I dont think I could do anything else but crochet. It reached up to 118 here on Thursday they say it will get cooler now. I hope so.

Well I went and made the little sachet thread gift card holder into a yarn book/CD holder. I made one for my sister for her 50th birthday. She loved it. Here is a pic. My daughter gave me the idea to use yarn instead of thread to make it bigger and maybe put a book in the little pocket. It turned out rather cute I think.

Monday, July 02, 2007

sachets galore

Friends, Ive been on a whirl wind crochet making sachets. My daughter has asked me to make her bouquet for her wedding. I do have a pattern from Annies Attic and I made one of the roses on there. I tried making the rose with thread and it said to crochet with a H hook. But I know from experience that that was way wrong. So I used Caron Simple Soft and it turned out fantastic. I didnt want the other roses to go to waste so I put lavender oil in them and gave them to my daughter as sachets for her private drawer.

While I was crocheting away I found this pattern for half gloves and made them up really quick. They were really fun to make. I made 2 pairs in one day. They were that fast to make up. Im going to give a set to my friend Lisa she always has cold hands.

Ok go crochet:) And be happy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here is a pic of my pug Chico, isnt he cute? I didnt have anything crochety to show you so I thought I would do a little intro into my world of pets. I have 3 dogs now that one has just passed. Chico came to me via my son. He had left his girlfriend and moved in with me. So when he went back the dog stayed:) heehee But boy o boy is this dog distuctive. But he is getting better. He lived in a cage most of his life and here at my house the pets a free to roam or do most anything . And he does take advantage of just that! But how can you turn down that face he is so adorable. I think hes a keeper( arnt they all?)

Ok Ill get back to crocheting. Did I mention a great new crochet along just formed? Its all about whatever you crochet if you want to join or just go and check it out here is the link:The Crochet Along. Happy crocheting !

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Granny Squares Alot

You all know that I joined theGranny-Along a few months back. Well I got so wrapped up in the granny squares that I went on eBay and bought every magazine I could find on granny squares. I have a pic of many books that Ive bought (dont you love them?) IM thrilled there is already many things in them that I cant wait to make. I did notice that the colors that all these items were made from are coming back in style. I cant wait to get started. Happy Crocheting!

I found this awesome pattern in one of the magazine. It looks like a starfish square doesnt it look awesome? I cant wait to make the square, Ill take some pics while I make it so I can share with you all.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

busy, busy, busy


Ive been busy with making Christmas items. I found the cutest little sachet/gift card holder to make for my family. I found them in Crochet Today mag. Ive made several so far. I need to decide how many to make then go on with what else to make for Christmas. I made them with the original color of red and green then made another one for my friend Lisa in varigated purples and pinks it turned out really cute.

Do you remember when I mentioned I was going to make 5 round ripple afghans for my grand kids :) lol Well I keep thinking I need to get started on those. because it is going to take me awhile to finish. And I need to decide what to make my friends this year for a ornament or other item for Christmas.

I made my sister that hat for the summer and I went over to her place and gave it to her last night. She loved it. I even made one for her little girl Jenny. My sister Jerri and my sister Carri are on their way to Alaska today. They are going on a little trip. I know that the hat will come in handy for her.
Well I have more to share with you all but I think this is enohg for one journal:) Have a happy wekend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Chemo cap


I made another Chemo cap that I really like. You know this yarn is so soft I just love crocheting with it. I just thought I would show you another cap. Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HnG's Chemo Caps


Here they are Chemo Caps. I used CrochetWithDee pattern that she offers on her site for free use for charity work. I love the pattern because it is so very easy to use. I used Paton's Carmen yarn it is very soft and very nice to work with. I hope you can see the colors in the yarn but if not take my word for it, it is really pretty.

You all know my sister is dealing with breast cancer now and she loved her hat I made for her.
I hope you take a few minutes and try her pattern.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Heres the little cap I made to match the round ripple afghan for Karen. I thought it turned out really cute.I do hope he will wear it here in Vegas it really doesnt get that cold for caps.
I told you the other day that I rejoined the Hooks N Grannies yahoo club. Rhonda is starting the charity crochet to be Chemo caps. So Im going to be busy making caps. So away I goooooo...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friends, Ive been busy making baby afghans and such. Well here is a pic of my latest its a Round Ripple Afghan I made for my friend Karen. She asked me to make one for sher so she could have it for a baby shower. I make her a few caps and booties to match. They are so much fun tomake. I really enjoy it.

Did I mention that HooksnGrannies is back up again? Rhonda missed us all. We are starting off very fast into chrity work. Whick I love. So now you know Ill be making Chemo caps and then premie items. Oh yea did I mention Ive decided to make 5 round ripple aghans for my grandbabies for christmas this year. If your intested in joining here is the site to go to. Just mantion my name and they may still accept you anyways:) heehee hooksngrannies : Hooks N Grannies. Its a real fun little club.

Its my 33rd anniversary this weekend and Im going up to Mt. Charleston for the weekend to spend some alone time with my hubby. Ill take pics so you can see where Ill be. I think I do have a pic from last years trip. Have a great weekend everyone! Go Crochet

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Monets Squares

I made my new friend Monet some squares for her BF mom. Here they are in all their glory! I had som much fun making them that I didnt want to stop. But I did. heehee I love making squares. There is so much choice out there for differant squares and differant yarns to crochet with. I even have differant hooks to crochet by. I actually counted my hooks the other day and came up with 126 but I really own more than that but they are all hiding in WIPs and UFOs. Well enjoy the squares Ill be back real soon. Crochet on my buddies...