Sunday, November 04, 2007

Heres my latest package off to Rhonda at Hooks N Grannies ,15 pairs of booties and around 20 hats. Oh yea 2 stockings for the stockings exchange. I finished my 60 scarves in 60 days with only 4 scarves made. Now I need to find were to send them too:) I was thinking maybe to the senior centers but I need to find out if they wear them there.
Ive been very slowly making a baby afghan. I dont know whats wrong with me Im moving so slow with it. Ususally I would have it finished in a week or more but its been 2 weeks since I started. HELP I need energy or desire something along those lines. :)
Christmas is just right around the corner I cant believe it is almost here. I have yet to even begin buying or even making my gifts yet. HELP! heehee Ill start as soon as I get my list from my darling grandchildren.
Well friends have a very happy day!
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