Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lucilles BBQ

Yumm, We ate out at Lucilles BBQ. It was so very good. I think its one of my favorites for BBQ. They served me some awesome corn chowder and some great homemade buns with apple butter. Yummy. I shared a sample platter with Terry and brought home their bread pudding with bourbon sauce, yummmmm. I love me some bread pudding.
  Im waiting patiently for Stitchy McFloss to let me know what the next CAL will be. I have finished 2 adult hats working on the 3rd. Ill take a pic for you later.
  Ok crochet on...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Doily and craft room

 This is a closeup of the June Crochet Along I did with Stitchy
 Heres the whole doily I know its a little hard to see with my shadow in the way
 This is just some of my yarn and sewing junk I took out of my craft room
This is my little craft room. My sister Carri and I are attempting to organize and clean it up so I can add all my yarn. I should have taken a pic of my library where all my yarn is stashed. When we finish I will post a tadah pic.
Ok Im off to start my crochet for charity I need to get started so I can have plenty for the holidays.
Crochet on...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comments fixed

So Sorry my friends but I have disables the Google + comments so everyone can comment if they so choose to. I love your comments so please fill free to do so.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lily Pond Doily & Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary. We kept seeing the commercial from Famous Daves burnt ends so we went there for our special day. We didn't like them as much as we liked the Rib Tips instead.
We enjoyed our week together we hung out at the house and did a little shopping and all in all had a nice week.
Next year it will be our 40th and we are hoping to go on a cruise to Alaska. If not we are going to go hang out with my sister at her time share in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Id love to go into Reno and hangout at Jimmy Beans and shop for some great yarn.
Ok Im working on the June CAL from StitchyMcFloss , so far so good:) lol I kinda like this one Im stitching it up with DMC Dusty Rose size 10 thread using a size 8 hook, it called for a size 7 hook but I couldn't find mine. Its probably stuck in some other project that I started and never finished, As soon as do a little more Ill take some pics for you all to see my progress.
Ok have a great week and Crochet On...

Monday, June 03, 2013

Romantic Pineapple Doily

I put this 27 inch doily on my stool at the end of my bed and it is so big I cant even use it for what I wanted to use it for, so I think Ill make another one after I get the June 1 CAL done, Im thinking of maybe using a size 7 or 6 hook. We will see,
Crochet on...

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Romatic doily finished

Here is my finished Doily. Isnt it lovely? Its rather big at 27" around. I love tho. Its in lavender and dark purple around the edge. As soon as it dries Ill post a better pic.
Im starting another doily from StitchyMcflos come join us its very lovely.
I want to put out a little help me with a pattern if you can. Im looking for a 12" by 9: oval doily to put into some antique frames that I have. If anyone runs across a pattern Id appreciate it if you drop me off a little comment of where I can purchase or get one for free. Thanks in advance.
My friend Karen has started our charity of Senior Lapghans for this year. She already has 5 done I just need to put them together. I taught my sister Carri to do a granny square so Im hoping she will make a few for me too. Hoping to make 50 this year.
Ok have a very blessed day and crochet on...