Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lily Pond Doily & Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary. We kept seeing the commercial from Famous Daves burnt ends so we went there for our special day. We didn't like them as much as we liked the Rib Tips instead.
We enjoyed our week together we hung out at the house and did a little shopping and all in all had a nice week.
Next year it will be our 40th and we are hoping to go on a cruise to Alaska. If not we are going to go hang out with my sister at her time share in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Id love to go into Reno and hangout at Jimmy Beans and shop for some great yarn.
Ok Im working on the June CAL from StitchyMcFloss , so far so good:) lol I kinda like this one Im stitching it up with DMC Dusty Rose size 10 thread using a size 8 hook, it called for a size 7 hook but I couldn't find mine. Its probably stuck in some other project that I started and never finished, As soon as do a little more Ill take some pics for you all to see my progress.
Ok have a great week and Crochet On...
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