Sunday, June 02, 2013

Romatic doily finished

Here is my finished Doily. Isnt it lovely? Its rather big at 27" around. I love tho. Its in lavender and dark purple around the edge. As soon as it dries Ill post a better pic.
Im starting another doily from StitchyMcflos come join us its very lovely.
I want to put out a little help me with a pattern if you can. Im looking for a 12" by 9: oval doily to put into some antique frames that I have. If anyone runs across a pattern Id appreciate it if you drop me off a little comment of where I can purchase or get one for free. Thanks in advance.
My friend Karen has started our charity of Senior Lapghans for this year. She already has 5 done I just need to put them together. I taught my sister Carri to do a granny square so Im hoping she will make a few for me too. Hoping to make 50 this year.
Ok have a very blessed day and crochet on...
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