Saturday, May 26, 2012


I love this little hook. Its made out of several differant woods and the size is great.

Ive been puttering in my garden and everything is growing along great.

Ive started a new church and the studies are great.

My friend Karen came out of the hospital and is doing great.

My 38th wedding anniversary is going to be great.

God is great.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

all in a days work

Hi my friends, Ive been busy with my friend KK she had emergency surgery last Thursday and Ive been hanging with her and her little MJ.
  I tried posting pics but for some reason Im not able to.
  I also am really excited about my garden tho it is little Im having some success. I planted watermelons as urged on by my brother and they have just started coming up. My tomatoes are looking good and I have some squash stating to come out. My little bell pepper is coming along really great.

  I still get great inspiration from Danis garden over at her blog
Go over and check out her garden.

Ok Im off to do some crocheting for my friend Di's first great grandbaby. Oh what a joy!

Friday, May 04, 2012

 This is my little garden I told you about the other day. What do you think of it. In the back of the pic you can see my apricot tree and its growing great.
 this is my little green bell pepper its just now showing fruit.
 This here are my tomato plant I have three little tomatoes Im very excited about them
Heres my grape growing like crazy. We just had the vines cleaned up of over 10 years of growth.

So how do you like my little garden? I hope to have a bumper crop this year and if I do hubby says I can add more next year.

My crocheting is doing great I just joined a new church and they have a thriving knitting and crochet group. Im excited to get envolved.

So what have you all been doing the spring has finallyfeels like spring here in Vegas I do hope we stay under the 80's for at least a month that would be nice.

Im hoping to attend the Knit and Crochet Show this fall in Reno Nevada I hope to see some of you there!

Thursday, May 03, 2012


I started my very first garden thanks to Dani inspiring me over the past year. So I planted tomatoes, squash. bell peppers and I bought a Apricot tree and a Meyer lemon tree. I pray all goes well I go take pics this weekend and post here.