Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh what a week Ive had. But as good as God is is Fansatic! Ive been awaken a new today! Ive been filled with new invigoration. Im going to get to makeing new baby booties for the pastors new grandson Isaac I dont know if they spell it that way but I do:) Im going to do my regular old booties nothing special. Ill take a pic and maybe put the pattern up for you all to do to! I know you want to!
I had a great CHRISTmas and everyone seemed to have one too! I missed Jerri but I know she is singing with the angels. I got a really neat Cuisinart blender/Smoothie dispencer/food processor from my friend Karen. Terry got me yarn YIPEE I love yarn for CHRISTmas. My daughter got me something but she forgot to give it to me so I dont know yet! My son bought me a Coach little purse for my purse. Its so cute. My grandkids got everything they asked for so they were happy.
My birthday is on Sunday and Ill be 52 years old. I love it I cant wait I make it Yippeeeeeeee.
Ok Ill be back later to show you the booties and maybe the pattern. Ok Ill do the pattern my gift to you all. Have a great day!
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