Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today is my 52nd birthday:) Yipee I made it. Ive had a great day. It started out with my sweet boy Shawn giving me a coin purse along with the purse to match it. Its a Coach purse whatever that means. I dont know brands at all. But he was excited about it:) I love it. Id show you a pic but to my sadness my camera (which is new) has died out and Im going to go exchange it asap that mean tomorrow:) Shawn gave me a little cluch purse for Christmas and I loved it so he decided to give me the whole purse for my birthday!
Then I went off to church and had a great time. The church as a whole is going to be doing the Daniel Fast for the month of Janurary. I dont think I can do that with my diabetes so Im going to give up deserts and chocolate for the month. Pray that I stick to it!
Then after church I went to have lunch with my friend Karen and her mom Irene. They took me to the Red Lobster. And we all had the special with a small lobster and king snow crab and shrimp scampi oh yea a baked potatoe. I could not eat it all so I brought home the scampi and the baked potatoe for dinner later:) yummie
My mom was just here and she bought me some yarn with a new bag for yarn. I love it. who wouldnt love yarn anytime of the year! not me LOve LOve LOve it!heehee
My sister sent over a really cute bath set pomegranite(sp?) and a gift card to Borders:) Love that too. There could be a new crochet book out there I dont have yet:) I just know there is.
Ok friends Ive had a great day full of fun and excitement. Ill see you next year for sure! Oh happy day!
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