Sunday, January 13, 2008


Friends, Ive been away too long I know. Ive been busy with my sister Jerri's affairs and getting on with my life. I have some exciting news to tell you all. Ive started up my own crochet group(ministry)at church its open to the outside public. Im calling it Needlecrafters, what do you think? I had my first sitting in the ministries table at church. Im thinking of putting an ad in the newspaper and I think that will generate peoples interest. I had one person sign up and I will have to teach her to crochet:) Oh fun! for sure! heehee I love it.
I have 4 outreaches Senior, Womans, Homeless, and Babies. I have a bunch of patterns so we can get a great start. I hope to meet lots of peoples:) yea! I just recieved the new crochet book Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci. I hope to used this book to teach crochet. Im really going to stress reading patterns as well.
I posted a pic of my efforts with crocheting scarves for you ( I know Ive posted this pic before but my camera is not working as of now!) I put out the afghan I made for my daughter and some of the chemo caps Ive made for woman. I want to make some booties and some totes to add to the showing.
Yesterday my family had a memorial for my sister Jerri its been a month since she passed. We went to the park and let balloons out and they formed a J in the sky! It was so cool. Then we proceeded over to my sister Carris house were my brother n law said a few words and a really nice little sermon about Jerri. It was very touching. Afterwards I went to dinner with my friends Carol, Diane and their daughters it was very nice I even brought Jerri along( I had a small urn with Jerri) I know it doesnt sound nice maybe to some of you but I know Jerri would have done the same with me and I would have got a kick out of it. Ok Ill be back later for more chatting
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