Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh boy Oh boy what a day today is!
Friends, Im actually up and alert at 7:30 am! heehee I took some new meds my doc talked me into on Sunday night and it has just now wore off:( I was in a fog all day yesterday. Hubby says he watched me real close so I wouldnt do something silly. And I didnt. I dont know if I will take that med again real soon thats for sure!
Im crocheting for my new group Needlecrafters. Im making a tote for the seniors group. I think Ill pick a group a month to crochet for what do you think? Oh I did get one girl to sign up for the crocheting but I need to teach her. Oh how I wish Angela was here when I need her, I hope I can teach her as good as Angela can teach! Heres prayin!
My friends you have given me some uplifting advise and I love it all thanks!
Ok have a wonderful day today and I hope you can get in some crocheting!
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