Monday, January 21, 2008

Sundays ramblings

Ive been busy starting up my new group Needlecrafters. Ive gotten 2 people to start with:)On my way home yesterday from my moms 71st birthday party we had a lunch at Fridays. I stopped off at Micheals to pick up some of their yarn they had on sale. Low and behold there was a lady there getting sign ups for a class in the Broomstick crochet. I havent done it in over 25 years so I signed up and stayed till 5, I wondered around the store for an hour:) heehee I suffer for my craft as you can tell:) hohohoho! I really enjoyed the class I loved relearning something I forgot. Ive already started making a baby blanket in the Broomstick style. I just love the lacy look it gives. And its fun to do to!
Im thinking of asking my friend Jimbo to make a broomstick hook I think that would be something cool to have instead of having a size 50 knitting needle, what do you think? Ok Im going to do it!
My camera is still on the blink and I have takin alot of pics to show you all. My soon to be sonnlaw is coming over tonight so maybe he can fix it. Cross your hooks!
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