Saturday, June 23, 2007

busy, busy, busy


Ive been busy with making Christmas items. I found the cutest little sachet/gift card holder to make for my family. I found them in Crochet Today mag. Ive made several so far. I need to decide how many to make then go on with what else to make for Christmas. I made them with the original color of red and green then made another one for my friend Lisa in varigated purples and pinks it turned out really cute.

Do you remember when I mentioned I was going to make 5 round ripple afghans for my grand kids :) lol Well I keep thinking I need to get started on those. because it is going to take me awhile to finish. And I need to decide what to make my friends this year for a ornament or other item for Christmas.

I made my sister that hat for the summer and I went over to her place and gave it to her last night. She loved it. I even made one for her little girl Jenny. My sister Jerri and my sister Carri are on their way to Alaska today. They are going on a little trip. I know that the hat will come in handy for her.
Well I have more to share with you all but I think this is enohg for one journal:) Have a happy wekend!

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