Friday, June 08, 2007

Friends, Ive been busy making baby afghans and such. Well here is a pic of my latest its a Round Ripple Afghan I made for my friend Karen. She asked me to make one for sher so she could have it for a baby shower. I make her a few caps and booties to match. They are so much fun tomake. I really enjoy it.

Did I mention that HooksnGrannies is back up again? Rhonda missed us all. We are starting off very fast into chrity work. Whick I love. So now you know Ill be making Chemo caps and then premie items. Oh yea did I mention Ive decided to make 5 round ripple aghans for my grandbabies for christmas this year. If your intested in joining here is the site to go to. Just mantion my name and they may still accept you anyways:) heehee hooksngrannies : Hooks N Grannies. Its a real fun little club.

Its my 33rd anniversary this weekend and Im going up to Mt. Charleston for the weekend to spend some alone time with my hubby. Ill take pics so you can see where Ill be. I think I do have a pic from last years trip. Have a great weekend everyone! Go Crochet
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