Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here is a pic of my pug Chico, isnt he cute? I didnt have anything crochety to show you so I thought I would do a little intro into my world of pets. I have 3 dogs now that one has just passed. Chico came to me via my son. He had left his girlfriend and moved in with me. So when he went back the dog stayed:) heehee But boy o boy is this dog distuctive. But he is getting better. He lived in a cage most of his life and here at my house the pets a free to roam or do most anything . And he does take advantage of just that! But how can you turn down that face he is so adorable. I think hes a keeper( arnt they all?)

Ok Ill get back to crocheting. Did I mention a great new crochet along just formed? Its all about whatever you crochet if you want to join or just go and check it out here is the link:The Crochet Along. Happy crocheting !

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