Friday, August 31, 2007

Im doing pretty good

Well friends,

Im doing well since my mishap with the crochet hook:) What a farse that was! I still love my crochet hooks I have to tell you. Ive been crocheting 7inch squares for a friend of mine over at the Hooks n Grannies group. She had an accident and turned her ankle and she pulled all the tiny blood vessels and some how or another she got gangreen(sp?) so they had to amputate her leg from her knee down. So sad for sure. I pray she has a rapid recovery and that she copes with it all with Christs peace about her. We in the group decided to make her an afghan so she can cozy up with. The colors are blue and cream. Very lovely for sure. So now you know what Ive been up to. What have you all been doing?

I still have yet to get a new camera but I will someday. Im just being a little laid back about it and Im having a hard tome deciding on what to purchase. If you have a nyt suggestions write me ok? I need all the help I can get! heeheehawhaw. Im going to go through some pics of mine to post here and see how you like them oe of them is my baby Fifi's rearend,isnt she a doll? She thinks she owns the whole house I can tell you that!

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